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  • cityjaneLondoncityjaneLondon Member Posts: 9,226 Member Member Posts: 9,226 Member
    We are expecting very cold temperatures tonight and maybe snow tomorrow, or rain if the snow doesn't make it this far south. Sometimes the South Downs catch the weather and we are OK. Many places further north have had severe flooding and now it will be snow. :'( I'm going to leave the heat on.

    I'm indulging my travel lust tonight. Watched a programme on river cruises through France, and Portugal (which we were meant to go on last October). Then played my recording of a detective series set in Copenhagen in Danish, now we're going to watch a police series set in the seedy backstreets of Paris. Travelling from my sofa. B)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,793 Member Member Posts: 12,793 Member
    Stats for the day-

    Zwift bike trainer- 39.17min, 213elev, 23amph, 134amph, 163mhr, 15.07mi= 411c
    Strava app = 376c
    Walk w/family- 2hrs 8min 14sec, 3.77ap, 181elev, 107ahr, 138mhr, 8.08mi= 764c
    Strava app = 979c

    Total cal 1191
  • exermomexermom Member Posts: 5,347 Member Member Posts: 5,347 Member
    Did Essentrics Classical Stretch DVD. I do like the Essentrics workouts. The plan for tomorrow is to do Self’s Bikini Body DVD (another new one)

    Kylia – congrats on getting that printer working. Sometimes you just have to try things. I don’t like anything fried, too. If you take the breading off, are the calories the same as just a piece of meat/fish or does the oil go into the food. Does anyone know? We have a deaf person who comes into the store all the time. There is an app (free) called “hand talk” where you type in what you want to say and the “person” signs it. Maybe this will help you until you learn ASL completely. I didn’t realize that the position of the hands makes it mean different things.

    Traacey – good news about Dillon! I’m so sorry about your cousin. Why wouldn’t she want her husband to know anything? Is this just her way or is it something different? What a generous thing for your boss and coworker to do for you!

    Bananas – do you REALLY need 2 assistants??? You’re making the right decision

    We can’t (really shouldn’t) have a disposal since we are on septic. We do have a double sink in the kitchen (and two sinks in the master bath). One is smaller than the other. I like to use the smaller one as a draining sink. We do have a hand soap dispenser. If I ever changed the granite, I would get rid of that since we’ve never used it in the 13 years we’ve been here. Vince doesn’t like that I use the smaller sink for drainage of clean dishes since you sort-of have to lean over that sink in order to turn off the water.

    Lisa – our cats ALWAYS lay in front of the monitor but only for Vince. They really don’t do that for me. They also walk all over the keyboard. Believe me, we’re totally used to gibberish. We try to keep all the keyboards rolled in under the desk while we’re not using them. You are so lucky to be getting free plants/trees

    Barbara – have you ever used an old toothbrush to clean the area between the sink and counter that gets gummed up?

    katla – when they send you your glasses, will they give you a tracking number? If so, then you will be able to track where the package is. We’ve done that lots of times

    kylia – happy birthday to your husband!

    After the soup kitchen yesterday went to WalMart since I needed to pick up a prescription. I used a gift card that the soup kitchen had given me for Christmas. Honestly, I was expecting that they only put $5 on it, Vince thought they probably put $10 on it. Turns out they put $15 on it. Maybe it’s because they have fewer volunteers. I don’t remember that much was on the card last year

    Have a container of sour cream that Colby bought that I can’t return (the store won’t take a return except for the same type of item, like if you get Pepper Jack cheese, it has to be for another pepper jack. If the one you are returning is slices and the one you want is a block, then they will exchange that. Please don’t ask me to explain that). Anyway, I want to use up the sour cream so I think I’ll make Vince a sour cream banana bread today.

    Allie – I worry about you doing so much and then being in pain. Your body is still healing, let it.

    Tina – whenever I get a shot of any kind or they take blood or whatever, I always have them do it in the nondominant hand. Also, you should wear short sleeves when you get it

    Hey, if Barbara and Rita could have a “visit”, what do you think of an MFP “visit”?

    Michele NC
  • margaretturkmargaretturk Member Posts: 4,302 Member Member Posts: 4,302 Member
    Beth love it!
  • dandl1986dandl1986 Member Posts: 94 Member Member Posts: 94 Member
    kylia, I had good intentions, but once I went out, I said NOPE and came back inside. Way too cold out today.
  • Peach1948Peach1948 Member Posts: 2,345 Member Member Posts: 2,345 Member
    Love your new pup!

    Congrats on figuring out the new system.

    Love the pics of Athena.

    You have been blessed to see so many beautiful places. Thanks for sharing.

    I have done If (18/6) for 3 days now. It was hard today but hope I will get used to it. I am limiting myself to a lunch and dinner and not eating between. Will just have to see.

    Carol in GA
  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 19,601 Member Member Posts: 19,601 Member
    kymarai wrote: »
    Does anyone remember going to friends houses for dinner?

    Kylia sharing her sunshine from OHio

    Yes ... we've had dinner with friends and family 3 times in the last 6 weeks or so. Twice in their homes, and once with us in our holiday rental. Before that was about 18 months ago with friends.

    But it definitely lost popularity and isn't really my favourite way of entertaining. I prefer meeting a restaurant.

    However, one of the reasons I'm working on our patio is to get it into shape so that we can have the people mentioned above over for BBQ.

    Machka in Oz

  • Machka9Machka9 Member Posts: 19,601 Member Member Posts: 19,601 Member
    Barbara - the first apartment we had when we were married had the old sink with the drain board attached and cupboards underneath. It was a unit all together. That was a convenience for cleaning, it was an ugly kitchen though. It had carpet samples for flooring. It went with the miserable little bathroom I spoke of earlier this week.

    Tracey in Edmonton where it is snowing and cold for the first time since November

    Our current kitchen ... sink with the drainboard attached. That's how most are here in Australia from what I've observed.

    We've added some shelves because upper cupboards are not common here and we need the storage space!


    That was so nice about the dishwasher! :)

    M in Oz

  • ginnytezginnytez Member, Premium Posts: 643 Member Member, Premium Posts: 643 Member
    Tracey-Holding Dillon in prayer. Tragic. How thoughtful for the folks who got you the dishwasher. I do hope your cousin recovers.
    Machka-thanks for sharing photo link! I liked the page.
    Kate UK-great news on jabs!
    Teresa in central Ohio-there’ a couple of us buckeyes in this group! I remember when I used to go to Columbus regularly. I am so looking forward to the Sunbury outlets in the future!
    Jennifer-not unusual to see a drop like that. Good job.
    Allie-so glad you made it home for a bit before having to return.
    Julie-never gone commando, but now you have me thinking about it! Thanks for sharing Times article. I do not miss grading!
    Kylia-Spanish might not be a bad idea with the growing population in our area.

    One thing to gain in 2021? Being physically present with my kids and grandkids! I miss those hugs.

    Busy week this week. Worked on doors more today. Got some basics done around the house. Took break from exercise. New routine is working my arms and core-not too sore but can tell I am working muscles.

    Have second half of congregation meeting tomorrow. Since I am currently council president, I will go into church for that. We only have around 20 or so that attend service in person. Meeting is set up for in-person and zoom. Will be easier if I am present. Once I get both doses of vaccine and give it whatever the time frame is for it to kick in, I will probably start attending in-person as long as we distance and mask. Of course-actually going out tomorrow and they are calling for winter weather. Oh well, not a far drive.

    Time for bed.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 12,793 Member Member Posts: 12,793 Member
  • GodMomKimGodMomKim Member Posts: 2,728 Member Member Posts: 2,728 Member
    Hi Gals,

    Hugs to all!

    It is supposed to a crazy week with rain and wind, sometimes pretty strong winds. I am going to drive to spend 3 days with my best friend, my house mate will take care of everything here. I am looking forward to a break from the routine, and that she has a hot tub, and it might snow at her house, snow while sitting in a hot tub is fun. We have both been careful in who we see, masking, and not going to stores. So I am reasonably confident about seeing her.

    I finally scored an appointment for my 92 year old mom for a Covid Vaccine Shot! The county she is living in requires you to do it online, NO phone calls, no drop in…. I think that is wrong, what about folks without computers, internet access… I have been checking 3-4 times a day for a couple of weeks and there were no openings But I was able to grab her an appointment and I will go take her, its on Feb 1. I am glad it is by appointment she is very obnoxious when she has to wait. Now I need to figure out the routine for my county as an older friend has asked for help.

    Today was the last day without rain for about 10 days if the weather app is right, so I embroidered in the morning and worked in my front yard for about 3 hours… I made a pretty good dent on the things I wanted to get done.

    I’ve been thinking about what I want to gain in 2021..and I am not sure; the things I want are pretty unreasonable to accomplish – but I do like these questions they make me think.

    Kim from N. California
  • Mrs_HofferMrs_Hoffer Member, Premium Posts: 3,346 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,346 Member
    exermom wrote: »
    Teresa OH – love your kitchen. Is that a double oven or single or maybe single with warming tray? We lived in Kennett Square (mushroom capital of the world) and, trust me, the smell from those mushroom houses! The first time we encountered it, we were sure there was something wrong with the septic, it was so bad. There’s one area where there are a lot of mushroom houses, that when we drove in that area, we literally got sick. Yet, we moved to NC in November and the house sold in May. For more than asking price. So you most likely won’t have much of a problem selling your house when you want to. I love almost all crafts, if I don’t know the craft I’d like to learn. I tried that with quilting and found that I absolutely hate it. I give credit to people who can quilt, because I certainly don’t want to

    Michele NC

    It's just a single oven. There's cupboard space above and below. I'm 5'8" and can't reach most of the high cupboards, but my DH is 6'8" so I use him instead of a step ladder! :smiley: The stove top is actually located in the island in the center of the room. I LOVE it there!
  • kymaraikymarai Member, Premium Posts: 2,656 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,656 Member
    Machka- Beautiful view!

    Michelle- I too am on septic. When we redid kitchen in 1999, i had husband put in garbage disposal. We were told not recomended, but have only once had a problem. I still scrape large stuffs into trash, but is nice to not have to worry about small and missed stuffs. The one time we had issues, my mother was getting ready to leave from a LONG (6 week) stay. She decided to clean out fridge. Yep, she put it down the disposal. Mashed potatoes and spaghetti noodles wre the worst culprits! The next evening my shower filled with sewage! GROSS! She clogged everything. The only good thing that came of it was we found out the cast iron pipes were rotting out. So pump septic, replace pipes, all good. My husband bought this house in 1984. Up until then he had never had the tank pumped. We were told it "should" be done every other year. As little as we are home I figure every five years is good. That is a job I am thankful there are people to do!

    Dinner was nice. Migraine tonight after got home....was it the seasonings or the shrimp, or lack of water or the fact that 3 low pressure systems are converging on us? I will add more water tomorrow. I will try shrimp some place else later. Then will have to try restaurant again. Process of elimination.

    Rest well friends!

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