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    since the last outbreak of a potential pandemic in the early 2000's was it, the eastern Asian countries have adopted wearing masks in the flu season. I've not heard of that many flu cases this year in the UK. I do confess to having two colds where as I usually have none, these were from close contact with under 4's one of whom goes to nursery.
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    I would like to see masks become the norm during flu season. Going a full year without catching a cold or the flu has been a positive.

    I've worn a mask as prescribed by local rules during 'Rona.

    I'm not buying into wearing one every year during whatever is considered "flu season". Most people didn't catch the flu or cold because they didn't go anywhere in the 2020-21 flu season. I've had a flu shot annually since the early '90s and never had the flu before that. MAYBE one cold for a couple days a year. Not worth masking for IMO.

    Is this why the disagrees on my post? I didn't mean make it mandatory. Instead, make it an acceptable choice for anyone to wear with an extra dose of approval if they wear one when they have a cold. I plan on wearing one this fall/winter, not just for protection but for keeping out the freezing air. :smile:

    I think people are just tired of wearing masks and don't even want to think ahead to the next flu season. Perhaps we'll just naturally see people wearing them, especially if they have a cold and need to go out. However that's to be seen.

    I doubt it. (Call me a cynic.) Even among people who've supported masking requirements, in my experience IRL and what I read here in the threads, the overwhelming (though not universal) reason people wear masks (or at least how they talk about their reasoning) is to protect themselves, or protect vulnerable people near and dear to them. Even in recent posts on this thread, about whether people will wear masks during flu season, the talk is about "I liked not being sick as often this year, so I might wear a mask in future".

    The idea that we ought to wear a mask to protect *other* people when *we're* sick runs counter to the common reasoning about masks, it seems like. I don't think that impulse will occur, at least not routinely.

    Well, call me an optimist, but my real point is this--there is no way anyone can say what will happen come fall when the virus spikes again. As we've all seen COVID keeps changing things up, and it's still running rampant in certain parts of the world. In the past, the idea of wearing a mask never even occurred to a normal person. Do I think a majority would wear masks if not forced? Nope. But if I worked in an office, or rode public transportation, I might if I had a cough and cold or flu symptoms so I wouldn't spread it. I also imagine someone coughing or sneezing in close quarters will not pass unobserved in the future.

    @snowflake954 i am an optimist as well. I might modify your “when” to an “if”. :)
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