What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • nparlapiano1000
    nparlapiano1000 Posts: 3 Member
    Warmup - jump rope, bird dogs thoracic mobility stretches. Barbell squat warmups - 2x5 each of tempo squat, Cossack squat, pause squat. Finished by 1 set 5 reps light squat
    Squats - 5 sets with rpe - 3 for heavy rpe followed by 4 sets with 5 reps for different roe
    Bench - same concept as squats
    Superset 4 sets - elevated bench/ab roller 10 reps for reach
    10 minutes of HIIT - medicine ball and rope slams
  • megemrj
    megemrj Posts: 547 Member
    Squats 5x5 90lbs (😑 butt wink wrk)
    Bent Over Rows 5x5 85lbs
    Landmine Twists 45 barbell only
    Landmine OHP (PT rehab)
  • drmwc
    drmwc Posts: 842 Member
    edited June 2021
    2 hours climbing. I spent most of my time on tiny crimps, fortunately my pulleys still seem to be intact. It was good fun. I got two new routes. One actually had a dyno, and I'm terrible at them, but I managed it eventually.
  • Skeels13
    Skeels13 Posts: 6 Member
    Will Do some Gorilla Bow Tabata this evening after work!
  • Jamie2663
    Jamie2663 Posts: 779 Member
    Strength Training 30 Minutes

    Bird Dog pulls
    Glute bridge pull apart
    TRX rows
    Goblet squats
    Weighted step ups
    Wall sit turns
    Stability ball pushouts

    Today - 30 Minute run - C25K
  • nossmf
    nossmf Posts: 5,075 Member
    Pull Day B

    Heavy BB shrugs
    Cable row
    Cable pulldown
    Cable curls
  • DoubleG2
    DoubleG2 Posts: 105 Member
    Pull Day
    BB lat rows
    EZ bar curls
    BB dead lifts
    DB lat raise
    Cable row
    Cable pull down
    Hanging knee raises
    Finished up with a few sets of pull ups
  • dethstar77
    dethstar77 Posts: 1,327 Member
    Boot camp followed by a 2 mile run... Taking it easy today evening...
  • granitepeak45
    granitepeak45 Posts: 160 Member
    Garage gym day.
    Warm up of jump rope
    Kettlebell swings
    Mountain climbers

    Push press
    Hanging Snatch
    Farmer carry
    Reverse fly
  • MikePfirrman
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    2nd monthly Timed test for my indoor rowing club. 4 X 2K w/ 4 minute breaks -- worst one counts. Completed it and felt good about it. Worst one was 2:14.7 pace, best was 2:10 pace, average of right around 2:12 pace.

    A few years ago, all of these would have been around 7:50 or less (1:57 ish pace), but I'm no where close to that now. But I kept my goals simple. Complete it, get to around 90% max on the first 3 and hold it and then go for it on the last one. Couldn't quite get HR to 90% on the first two (like 85% and 87%) but got to 92% max on the 3rd and then 93% max on the last and the 3rd was my slowest. Finished strong, so felt good about it.

    Some of the top guys in my club are throwing down four sub 7 rows and some are doing 6:40s X 4, just silly strong (many WR holders in various age groups, both male and female).

    Around 850 calories in 50 minutes.
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 26,797 Member
    * 9k rowing bow in the double (we did an extra loop in the middle in a mostly-vain effort to stay close to a single that was that rower's first time out in a single this year).
    * 5.15mi walk

    Last night, I coxed a quad (4 rowers, 2 oars each) - first time coxing in around 2 years. That was fun (but not a workout at all - ya just sit there, mostly). The cox (coxswain, pronounced cox'n) is someone who faces the way the boat is going (unlike the rowers) and steers. People think coxes shout "stroke, stroke, stroke", but no, we never. I did shout "in . . . out . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . in" some when they were rushing the slide on the recovery, but we don't even do that unless the rowers are kind of screwing up. We steer, call drills, say theoretically motivational things and run the crew's race plan during races . . . steering is the big thing. Since it was learn-to-row class, not a race, I did some coaching from the cox seat. Boldly, I made them close their eyes and synchronize by boat-feel, which surprisingly tends to work much better than you'd think. My steering at launch was rocky, but my parking at the end was good, and we didn't hit anything in between 😉, not even the #$%& canoeist who cut straight across our clear line of travel right in front of us 🙄 then headed upriver in the wrong "lane".
  • Jamie2663
    Jamie2663 Posts: 779 Member
    Instead of running I started #mbf yesterday. It was slightly brutal :)
  • dethstar77
    dethstar77 Posts: 1,327 Member
    Boot camp today morning - core and upper body... evening will be badminton
  • Djproulx
    Djproulx Posts: 2,894 Member
    Getting some training sessions in while on vacation. Southern end of Long Beach island is a flat 20 mile stretch of barrier beach with some nice riding and running options.
    Enjoyed a nice steady ride this morning covering 36.8 miles in just over 2 hrs, a 17.7mph ave pace. Pushed into the steady breeze on the way out while holding the aero position and then enjoyed a tailwind on the return trip.

    It’s been windy and hot this week, which has been helpful for practicing race conditions. Even managed a short open water swim sessions in the bay. Need to get another open water swim in before leaving for home.
  • Jamie2663
    Jamie2663 Posts: 779 Member
    30 minutes strength training with my trainer and 30 minutes of day 2 mbf core circuit. #ded
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 26,797 Member
    Just a nice casual bike ride, in pretty pleasant weather, 11.7mi on road and paved trail.
  • drmwc
    drmwc Posts: 842 Member
    I lifted, doing:
    3 sets of 4, 55 kgs, bench
    3 sets of 8, 100 kgs, deadlift.

    2 hours climbing, Croywall.

    This was an odd session. I started off feeling lethargic, and falling off the wall a lot. I then perked up after about 30 minutes, and started sending stuff, and I was still getting decently hard stuff (by my standards) at the end of the 2 hours.

    All the LCC centres now seem to have a competition wall. These are fun, but the grading is way harder than the regular routes. I get the v1s, but don't often flash them, and I can most of get the v2s eventually but they are all projects. The v3s are all lol/what?

    I thought it was just me finding them hard, but someone yesterday flashed a murple regular climb (v6/v8) then spent at least an hour projecting, but not getting, a v3 competition route.
  • MikePfirrman
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    edited July 2021
    Took most of yesterday off. Had concrete sidewalks poured yesterday along with new pool/spa deck.

    Went golfing last night (around 8000 or so steps by my phone) and saw this little girl. We do a shotgun start and all the carts suddenly stopped to gaze, one at a time, at this beauty. Sorry, not a great shot (she was around 15 feet away) but didn't want to spook her any more.

    You see some crazy stuff here all the time on golf courses -- Roadrunners, tons of Gambel Quails, Javelinas (look like small wild boars, but they are more like goats in reality), Coyotes, desert hares, etc. Love the quail families this time of year. They are like the desert version of geese. They protect their young nearly into adulthood. So it's not uncommon to see 10 babies scurrying around with colorful dad and mom.

  • grob49
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    Standing military press 5x5
    Nautilus pull-down machine 3 sets of 8
    Hamstring curls 2 sets of 12
    Incline DB Press 3 sets of 8
    DB rows 3 sets of 8
    Seated leg extensions 2 sets of 12
    Close Grip Bench 3 sets of 8
    Nautilus preacher curls machine 3 sets of 12 to 8 reps
    Hanging leg lihts 3 sets of 10
  • snacker127
    snacker127 Posts: 75 Member
    Peloton 45 min total body strength + 20 min core. Yesterday, 60 min Peloton spin