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    Katla49 wrote: »
    Wishes—.1. DH gets to move in with me. I hope this happens soon.
    2. I go to get bone-density med, alondrate, at Walmart, along with groceries
    3. DH moves into our apartment—the sooner, the better. I need support from our daughter to make this happen.

    Your DH is in the hospital because he needs care. He has not been well, with 2 heart attacks and another recent procedure. When he is well enough, he will come back to your apartment. :heart:
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    Morning ladies
    Here with Miles he is sleeping and has been since 7:30 is dark and rainy today..
    Will do some laundry and get some things picked up this afternoon..
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    Heather- Johnny has been the best thing for those kids since sliced bread.. so glad you both moved to Hove...
    Miles slept for 2 1/2 hrs and now is awake and having a blast.
    He had some cut up strawberries and blueberries and his milk.
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    We've been together 14 years this month, and married for 13, and have to say, this isn't my favorite phase so far. Like my sister told me many years ago, "Do not EVER pray for patience, because the good Lord doesn't give you patience. He gives you the opportunity to LEARN patience." I guess I'm learning.

    Time to get my pills put together for the week...

    Later, y'all,

    This point of my relationship with the mister has been very difficult too. We didn't argue at all for the first 12 years of our relationship. Maybe a very short disagreement, but nothing major. After that point, middle age hit and we were both burnt out on our jobs, we started feeling aging, and things just got difficult. We started losing patience with each other. Several years (10) later, we are both still feeling the effects of burnout and are having to relearn patience, which I think is avoidance on my part. I tend to walk away rather than argue with someone who will never, ever see my point of view.

    Tina in CA
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    B) We went to early voting today. So glad to get it over with. Georgia is one of those states that will determine a lot of what happens in the future.

    Carol in GA
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    Heather--It's a man thing. DH gets so upset when I try and help or give ideas. I am slowly learning to keep my mouth shut and not let it get me so upset. Sure not easy.
    Lisa--Your mom is very beautiful. That house sounds like my grandma on dad's side. Everything covered in plastic and runners to each room and you did not get off the runners. Kitchen was only room used. I got her 1957 singer sewing machine and it was like brand new and everything back in the packages after used. I gave it to my oldest sister as she has memories of her and grandma doing projects together.
    It was a nice weekend. Went to the funeral and on the way home the friend who's mom passed texted me. One of the ladies serving the lunch asked his sister if the family knew who the biker people were, there was 3 of us, of if we just showed up to eat.
    Was beautiful weekend 80-90's. Today cold and windy 46 so far and it is noon.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3