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    Happy Sunday Ladies! :)<3:)

    Carol in GA
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    Gratitude list
    Word of the year: APPRECIATE—- Today I appreciate my internet

    1 Sit in silence for three minutes... it's harder than you think—DONE
    2 List 5 things using each of your senses——DONE
    3 Let go of at least 5 items in your house—tossed Christmas card I had collected
    4 What was your favorite Christmas gift? (this year or ever)—This year was jewelry from my ‘adopted’ granddaughter.
    5 Move for at least 30 minutes today—-Done plus #1 again!
    6 Share a goal you achieved last year—-Bringing my car to the car wash one or more times a month!
    7 Slow down and savor one meal today—-Breakfast-savored the texture of my OUI yogurt versus the granola I added.
    8 Who was your favorite teacher—My French teacher in High School. Sister Jeannette
    9 Create something today—-I will work on my crochet - making a granny square afghan out of left over yarn.
    10 What is your favorite lyric from a song—Against the wind, We were running against the wind. We were young and strong, we were running against the wind.
    11 Send a card/note to someone today—Done! Note to DH and card for Uncle’s birthday.
    12 What are you looking forward to in 2023? Losing weight and better financial status.
    13 Tell a random person they look "good" today—Done!
    14 Tell us three amazing things that happened recently (you decide what "recently" means...lol) 1. I got to go to TN to attend my daughter’s wedding last year, My brother from AZ came to visit us in NM, I experienced my first 5.4 earthquake in NM this past December.
    15 Call or text someone you haven't talked to in at least a week—Called my mom, and texted my 3 kids.
    16 What made you smile today—-The beautiful scenery on my morning wetlands walk.
    17 Take a photo of something you're grateful for—17 Take a photo of something you're grateful for—! Picture in spoiler

    On my morning walk. You can see Captain Mountain in the background (where Billy the Kid had his hideout)
    18 What material comforts are you most thankful for? You can make your list as long as you like...heat, air conditioning, water, sewer, a roof over my head, a car, internet, electronics, clothes, shoes, medicines, food, means of cooking, refrigerator, use of a freezer, use of a washer/dryer, books, writing utensils, everything I use every day!
    19 Write a positive review for a company for goods or services you've received recently—Done!
    20 Write down five things you like about yourself. I’m tenacious, my hair color, my love of learning, my ability to mediate, my technology abilities.
    21 Pay it forward in some way—to be accomplished
    22 What do you most desire in your life right now?—Being debt free.
    23 Go an entire day without complaining—-This is going to tough!
    24 What about you makes you special? My patience
    25 Spend time with a loved one—My DH (do it every day!)
    26 When was the last time you felt pure joy? When my babies were born.
    27 Hold the door for a stranger... or a friend - This is something I do often
    28 What fear have you overcome? Divorcing my first husband
    29 Engage in a random act of kindness of your own choice. I made a report on missing items for a camper rather than making the Ranger do it. He was off duty.
    30 When was the last time you laughed so hard you almost peed?
    31 Now try to "meditate" (sit in silence) for ten minutes...

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    Machka9 wrote: »
    (((Beth))) Hope all of you recover quickly!

    Noticing some positive results of taking my prescription Vit D. Less moody even with all our gray days, less leg cramping, less bruising, my spots from dermatologist healing well with the addition of aloe and lavender, and spot I had on face from COVID vaccine finally clearly up. I would get bruise spots on my hands from bumping into something not so much now. I will be tested mid Feb. I had to go on this prescription because my levels were so low. 12 is considered low and I was at 4. Unfortunately this is not a routine test you have to ask for this to be done. After my experience I do not understand why this is not routine. It is easy to treat and how it leaves you vulnerable to more serious illness. I will always ask for it now if it is not included in the screening process.

    Vit D isn't a routine blood test?

    Depends on your doctor here in US. I have a functional doctor who does it every time he takes blood, and that is every 3 months. Mine is at 89 but they want it higher. I’ve been taking 2 supplements a day-one in the morning and one at night. I go for my next checkup and bloodwork next week.

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    Did Michelle Dozois’ Cardio Strength Fat Blaster DVD then went for a walk. Just bowling tomorrow.

    Vince left to go to this “train thing”. Something about they’re trying to set up a train club. Don’t know all the details. Don’t know why, but I am so cold. Think maybe I’ll lay down, take a nap, then go for a walk before Vince gets back

    Karen – I agree with Lisa about telling your son your side with the affair unless your husband is there. He certainly appears to not want this fact known so he’ll be there to insure it

    Michele NC
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    Debbie- please don't think I was trying to tell you what to do.. I can just feel how hurt you feel.and I hate confrontation. And yelling.. so I im glad you have taken steps to protect your finances and if you think it comes to that.. than there ya go..
    Miles slept albeit with mom until 7:30 so thats good..
    Had sumo orange and french toast for his breakfast..
    Dan stopping after work to take out my garbage for me.
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    Betsy in Alaska
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    Karen - another quote.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Heather ~ Had to look up palimpsest. New word for today!

    Debbie ~ Sounds like you have a good plan!

    Carol in GA