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    March, 2023 Action for happiness.org

    Word of the year: Appreciate : today I appreciate blackberries.
    Exercise goals added
    Yoga 10 mins 3 times a week 7/15-(100%,100%)
    Walk 7,000 every day 12/31 (84%,86%,)
    Arm weights twice a week 3/10 (100%, 60%hurt my elbow, hurt my shoulder)
    Meditation: daily. 9/31 (82%(started Feb))

    1. cut back drinking and limit to 2 days a week. 8/8–(100%,100%)
    2. Average 7,000 steps a week. 9484, 9104 (7,700,100%-9851,100%)
    3. Update budget every 2 weeks 1/2 —(100%,100%)
    4. Contact close family every week (4x) 9/158/ —(100%,100%)
    5. Contact Donat and sibs once a month (8x)25/64–(100%,100%)
    6. Weigh less last day of month compared to first until I reach 140. Start at 178.6,176,174.2—(100%,100%)
    7. Develop a journaling practice by aiming to journal at least 5 days a week. 10/20-(100%,88%)
    8. Read 12 books at least this year. 8/12 (100%,100%)
    9. Pay off credit card debt by January 2024 by making monthly payments to NDR——3/12—(100%.100%,100%)
    10. Continue building emergency fund at SLFCU (min$25 a month)$25+$25+$71(100%,100%,100)
    Decided that if I do more than stated I will not grade higher than 100% 2/5/23

    January Met —100%
    February met —-90%
    March met met
    April met
    May met
    June met
    July met — met
    August met
    September met
    October met —
    November met—
    December met—

    1. Set an intention to live with awareness and kindness. I intend to live with more awareness and kindness every day.
    2. Notice three things you find beautiful in the outside world. The blue water of Lea Lake, Snow on the mountains at a distance, walking a nature trail. All at Bottomless Lakes State Park.
    3. Start today by appreciating your body and that you are alive. I am healthy and above ground. I can walk,talk,hear, see, taste, and smell (mostly). I appreciate that I alive and have a healthy body.
    4. Notice how you speak to yourself and choose to use kind words. I will try…
    5. Bring to mind people you care about and send love to them. I sent texts to my long distance friends to send them love.
    6. Have a ‘no plans’ day and notice how that feels. Most days are like that for me. So much less stress!
    7. Take three calm breaths at regular intervals during your day. Sounds like a plan.
    8. Eat mindfully. Appreciate the taste, texture and smell of your food. Started at breakfast.
    9. Take a full breath in and out before you reply to others. I will need to keep this in the front of my mind all day.
    10. Get outside and notice how the weather feels on your face. Every day!
    11. Stay fully present while drinking your cup of tea or coffee. In the process of doing that right now!
    12. Listen deeply to someone and really hear what they are saying. I will have to really try to get this done today.
    13. Pause to watch the sky or clouds for a few minutes today. I love doing this!
    14. Find ways to enjoy any chores or tasks that you do. I made a necessary task to go for a liver scan enjoyable by buying lunch for myself for a change.
    15. Stop. Breathe. Notice. Repeat regularly. I really need to do this today!
    16. Get really absorbed with an interesting or creative activity.
    17. Look around and spot three thing you find unusual or pleasant.
    18. If you find yourself rushing, make an effort to slow down.
    19. Appreciate nature around you wherever you are.
    20. Focus on what makes you and others happy today.
    21. Listen to a piece of music without doing anything else.
    22. Notice something that is going well, even if today feels difficult.
    23. Tune into your feelings, without judging or trying to change them.
    24. Appreciate your hands and all the things they enable you to do.
    25. Focus your attention on the good things you take for granted.
    26. Choose too spend less times looking at screens today.
    27. Cultivate a feeling of loving-kindness towards others today.
    28. Notice when you are tired and take a break as soon as possible.
    29. Choose a different route today and see what you notice.
    30. Mentally scan your body and notice what you are feeling.
    31. Discover the joy in the simple things of life.
    Barbie's Happiness Commandments

    Be Barbie
    Lighten up
    Do it now
    Dance more
    Choose strategy over willpower
    Cultivate an attitude of gratitude
    Come from a place of love
    Stay in the moment
    Act the way you want to feel
    Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good
    Don't expect praise or recognition
    It is what it is
    Don't take things personally
    Treat yourself like a toddler
    What's fun for other people may not be fun for you, and vice versa
    You can choose what you do, but you can't choose what you like
    Be kind, no exceptions
    Ask always, how could my life be better with less?

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    Lanette, my knee brace is a Bracoo adjustable compression knee patellar tendon support brace from Amazon for $16. It has no metal, and supports the kneecap really well. Instead of a sleeve, it has three long straps that wrap around your leg so the fit is very adjustable. Let me try to post a picture here ..
    Hmm. Well that's not working. You can look it up on Amazon though. Good luck with your knee. Do you have a diagnosis? My issue is my kneecap doesn't sit right.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Lanette, my knee brace is a Bracoo adjustable compression knee patellar tendon support brace from Amazon for $16. It has no metal, and supports the kneecap really well. Instead of a sleeve, it has three long straps that wrap around your leg so the fit is very adjustable. Let me try to post a picture here ..
    Hmm. Well that's not working. You can look it up on Amazon though. Good luck with your knee. Do you have a diagnosis? My issue is my kneecap doesn't sit right.

    Annie in Delaware

    Annie - thank you! I looked it up. It looks ideal - I'll send a link to my doc and see what she thinks. She'll prob tell me to come see her, which is fine. I get to see videos of her gorgeous twin boys, 1 1/2, getting into mischief. Miles x 2.

    No diagnosis, I figure it's tendonitis - I've had it before. Normally my knee "snaps" when I first get up, but the past few days it doesn't which tells me there's a little swelling.

    I went ahead and did a short "power walk" (at a fairly rapid clip with small hand weights to up cardio) with new shoes, and it seems that helped a bit since they have good cushioning.

    Lanette B)
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    Mary We went to one of those presentations on trusts to get us started. I would recommend rather than go with the law firm they recommend in the presentation is to find one by word of mouth. The first law firm did not follow through and put our main residence into our trust. I did not realize it for a few years. When we went with a different law firm it came out. I contacted the old law firm and nothing was done. I think the presentation is worth going to because they explain how a trust can keep an estate out of probate. Another point I learned if you own properties in more than one state unless the properties are in your trust you may end up in probate in two states.

    Good to see Shep!

    Kim when my mom was in a nursing home I learned the hard way to buy her clothes at Goodwill or Salvation Army. At first I bought nicer things at a department store. Because I was not there I live in Minnesota and she was in Missouri she had to rely on their laundry service. Clothes went missing and were often ruined by how they had to wash her clothes. I still was able to find nice things for her to wear but at a fraction of the price and if they got lost or ruined it did not upset me so much. Easy on tops and pants worked best no turtlenecks or deep V's.


    I have mentioned this book before "Beauty in Broken Places" is another book I found spoke to me when I was going through a tough time. It is a story about a woman whose young husband in early thirties had a stroke in an airplane when they were on their way to a Babycation.
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    Thanks ladies for the remarks on the picture of Shep. Also, all the information on end of life is vital for everyone on here. I’m not familiar with any of it, so I appreciate you talking about it!

    Margaret thanks for the information! We definitely are just going to go to hear what they have to say at this point. And thanks for the heads up on owning property in two states because we do. We just have no idea what a trust is so we definitely need schooling!

    💕 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota
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    Sunny but chilly morning here. My crocus have come up and there are at least a dozen this year. They are the most beautiful shade of purple. At first we had only 2 but they have continued to multiply each year. We had no idea they existed until we had been living here a couple of years but we pulled out a huge barberry bush and the next year the crocus came up near where the bush had been.

    Rosemarie - glad the service went well. Continued thoughts sent your way.

    I have done some work on organizing things so that they will be easier for my children when the time comes but need to finish it up.

    KJ - hard to believe how much those boys have grown.

    Allie - safe travels and have fun.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA
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    Kim ~ I really admire you for all you are doing for your mom! I pray that her stay with you will lead to a good outcome and she will be able to return home and live independently.

    Kelly ~ I also admire you for so many reasons! Your care for your husband's needs shows how compassionate and thoughtful you are. Happy birthday to Joaquin (sp?).

    Rosemarie ~ You have been given great advice from the ladies here about this new phase of your life you are moving through. Take care.

    Heather ~ The time you and Johnny devote to the grands is great. The crafts, games, and experiences you provide will last with them forever.

    Allie ~ Have a safe trip.

    Tracey ~ Hope your family will be able to get your mother-in-law out of the mess created as a result of her husband's untimely death.

    Carol in GA

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    Carol - What was interesting today was the chat around the craft. Edie is a bit of a perfectionist, and will give up if it's not perfect. We had some interesting discussions on 'Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good '. In the end she persevered with her task and I think she was glad she finished, even though it was a bit of a mess! I also think it was good for her to see DH trying to do something he had never done before. Much better than me doing it well. I tried to draw Bea, and it came out looking like a teenager. I said I was trying it because I was no good at life drawing, especially faces, so I wanted to try. Edie said, "Good for you!"
    Having battled all my life with crippling perfectionism, I think these lessons are really important.
    I was happy for Bea to take time out because I could see she was still tired from yesterday. Normally, she has amazing application.
    They still had a whole afternoon of art ahead of them. :o:o:*

    I was absolutely knackered after they left. Cooking three different lunches and clearing up an art studio! Glitter everywhere! I slept for over an hour.

    Yesterday DDIL asked us to have all three for a day in the Easter holidays so she could go up to London. I blenched at the idea, so my son said he would arrange some course for the girls. They know I find three at once hard. Fortunately, my diary said that DH has his first day of the cricket season that day, so it was not possible anyway. :) Max kept saying, "I'm sorry to be a nuisance, ", but I explained that he wasn't the problem. So now the girls will be doing something, and I am going to hang out with Max for some of the day and go out with him for fish and chips for lunch. Perfect! :p

    My son and DDIL are under a lot of stress with the building work and enormous expenditure. Edie has stomach migraines. They have taken on a lot, but I would never say, "I told you so." !!!!!! We want to do as much as we can to help, without compromising our own equanimity.
    Tomorrow Edie gets her turn to be a zookeeper for the day! It's her delayed Christmas present. It's a one to one experience and the zoo is booking now for November! Hoping for photos when my son remembers.

    Love from Heather UK, in the thick of it. Xxxxxxxx
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    Okay - so far the tofu is a stone bust, my only reaction is blerrrgh. Not from the taste, but the texture. I've got the drained, pressed and patted dry cubes in the air fryer (coated in corn starch and a little salt and oil) for ten more minutes, and maybe I'll try a couple with the miso. The soy sauce was a NO. Ah well, you never know if you don't try, right?

    Trying to decide what to try next...

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 1hr 52min, 95elev, 3.23ap, 92ahr, 112mhr, 6.10mi= 575c
    Strava app = 748c
    Walk home to gym- 10.05min, .53mi= 59c
    Strava app= 66c
    Lateral machine- 20min, 5resist, 10w, 104ahr, 133mhr, 9laps, 2.11mi= 145c
    Elliptical machine- 24.50min, 5resist, 5incl, 126ahr, 153mhr, 2mi= 219c
    Walk gym to store then home- 17.04min, .86mi= 86c
    Strava app= 105c

    Total cal 1084
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    Lanette- this is the type of knee brace I have used in the past. Thankfully they are feeling really good lately.


    Lisa- my dh is kind of like yours when it comes to leaving stuff when he is gone. He doesn't care because he will be gone, won't matter to him,(won't benefit him)
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    Mary - One last thing on trusts, in my conversation with the lawyer, he noted that trusts move with us, no matter which state we end up in. We don't have assets in another state, so that's one question you really need to get settled with the presenter.

    Margaret - I know it's horribly nosy, but why did you not want your home of residence to go into the trust? It's one of the things I want to make sure of, that the house goes into the trust, but am really interested in your answer. Feel free to tell me if it's too personal... :

    Finally got ahead of the pain, but am a little blurry from the fix for the pain. This too shall pass, and dinner is easy sneezy--Corey's meatloaf he made this weekend, with mashed potatoes, gravy and peas. None of which I will eat as is... But there is still quite a bit left of the spaghetti sauce I made out of part of the meatloaf on Monday, so will probably hot that up. Sounds really good, actually.

    Later y'all,
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    Well, my eating plan crashed today. I was busy and skipped my two o'clock feeding, then had some of my parents food at six. It was half of a thick breaded and fried pork chop. I called it 350 calories for four ounces.

    Now I have to do extra exercise tonight to see if I can get back with the program. I probably wiped out any weight loss for weigh-in on Friday. Oh well. Lesson learned: no skipping my food plan.

    Annie in Delaware