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    Machka - From the conversation about odd/awkwardly shaped cabinets, here's one idea: qdd2jy1blqp0.png

    That makes my brain hurt.😂
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    KJ - Love you. <3

    Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    We are going to have wind again here, starting tonight. Worse tomorrow night. Named storm. I hope the family will be OK coming back from Somerset. :/

    Just watched the 2007 musical film of Hairspray. I've not seen any of the versions before, and it wasn't anything like I was expecting. Strange how you can pick up completely the wrong impression of something. I enjoyed it, but would have loved to have seen the stage version.
    Last night we watched Fiddler On The Roof. I recorded all these before Christmas. My mother was in an amateur production, which I didn't see, and her lover at the time played the lead. She had seen Topol in the West End.

    Now to bed to read another Poirot. :p

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Pg 46
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    kevrit wrote: »
    Today is a great day to eat cheese!.

    RVRita in Roswell, NM

    I did have a chuckle that Cheese Day came just after my comments on Cheese 3 or 4 pages back (p.44) !! :) And the discussion about Halloumi. :)

    Machka in Oz
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    Lisa-Love the corner drawers!!! I wish the people who remodeled our kitchen would have used those!

    Rori-Message received and replied to. Hope to meet you soon!

    I'm all for meeting in Tasmania! Need to find a business reason to go though. :D

    Went to a yoga class today for the first time in many years. It was a good one. I joined for a month so I can try to get into a regular routine. It's just so helpful with flexibility. The bonus is that I also get a 2 mile walk in to get to/from the studio. Hopefully I will stick with it.

    Now I'm listening to the rain. It's been coming down at a decent rate for about an hour.

    Tina in CA

    Tasmania in March (early Autumn) is really nice. :) Warm with usually fairly settled weather. :)

    Machka in Oz

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    Betsy in NW WA