What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • aokoye
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    An hourish in a 4. It was an adventure in a lot of ways. I'm also remembering how much I don't like rowing in the dark (that's not what made today an adventure. Starting in November we'll be inside on the weekdays - potentially sooner, but last year it was the second week of November. This evening/late afternoon is my favorite TrainerRoad workout
  • hmhill17
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    I did my boringly predictable morning constitutional at about 3.75 MPH and 50 minutes on the elliptical at various speeds to keep the heart rate up and the blood flowing while I sat and stared at a computer screen...
  • drmwc
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    edited September 2019
    I went bouldering. I think it was for slightly more than 2 hours. It was good - I got some new routes. I got tired towards the end, and fell off a lot.

    I think I am getting stronger. I messed up a route early in the session, and ended up hanging by my left hand only. I recovered, managing to swing back into the wall.
  • pierinifitness
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    9/9/2019 - hotel gym mid-afternoon.

    #1 - pushups x 10 plus double 30 lbs. DB bent-over rows x 10 plus 16kg KB hand-to-hand swing x 50 equals one round every 4:00 - completed 5 rounds in 18:33 - average HR = 117 bpm (65 percent) maximum HR = 140 bpm (78 percent) total 139 calories.

    #2 - treadmill - 3:00 walking warmup at 4.0 mph and 1 percent incline - run 0.25 mile at 7.5 mph and walk 4.0 mph for 1 minute at 1 percent incline - completed 5 rounds and 1.64 miles in 16:06 - average HR = 145 bpm (81 percent) maximum HR = 166 bpm (92 percent) total 173 calories.
  • aokoye
    aokoye Posts: 3,495 Member
    Second workout of the day is in the books - workout 1 of 3 from TrainerRoad's Sweet Spot Base 1 (low volume)
    Did my 90 minutes yesterday a little harder than I should have, so decided to just do some fun sprints today on the Indoor Rower. Did 15 minutes on the AD Pro to warmup, then 20 second sprints on the rower with 1 minute rests (it's a max power test). This is one time I set the DF higher (around 140 or so). It's essentially (for me right now) 100m sprints. When in shape, you're supposed to be able to do 20 sets at around at least 80% of max power.

    Mike, your 20 second sprints sound not so dissimilar to the middle section of my ride today. 30 second VO2 max sprints with 1 and a half minute rests in between. That was sandwiched between some single leg work and 2X 6' sweet spot (just below my FTP).


  • jnomadica
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    60 minute Krav Maga class tonight.
  • angwright80
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    Walked 3 miles with my bff
  • johnnydeadlift
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    Don’t forget to do your deadlifts! 💀💯😍🏋🏻‍♂️💪🏼
  • firef1y72
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    Manic monday

    30min sprint session with trainer in the rain. Love actual running in the rain, sprint training not so much.

    5/3/1 cycle 4 week 3 bench, plus still working on finding the perfect weight for the 15 rep accessory sets.

    5km on rower plus stretch

    Circuits - trx and shuttles in the rain.

    Entered a local 10k on a whim so not sure if I'll be doing the heavier lifting for legs later in the week.
  • Boomshakalaka01
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    Core and arms.... Only 25 min. I'm doing a 30 day plan. (Planks are challenging the more time there is to say the least. lol)
  • J72FIT
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    Tried jumping rope last night but left ankle was barking at me so deep six'd that...

    5 Tibetan Rites (11 rounds each rite working towards 21)
    Hatha Sun Salutation - 5 Rounds
    Handstand Pushup - GTG
    *On a Yoga Block
    5 x 3 (15)
    Pull-ups - GTG
    5 x 6 (30)
    Cossack Squat w/10lbs Medicine Ball- GTG
    5 x 8 (40)
  • aokoye
    aokoye Posts: 3,495 Member
    A little more than 10km in a quad. An hour of more or less non stop rowing stopping only to spin and once because we ran over a very small log that, from the warnings of the double, sounded like it would be larger than it was. Within that were 5 or 6 five minute pieces at 75% pressure.
  • caramelgyrlk
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    Varied deadlifts (block, touch/go, banded and deficit) followed up by a hot HIIT class.
  • AnnPT77
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    Yesterday (9/9), rowed bow seat in a quad for 6.9km (we did a few power pieces; a couple small crabs by 3 seat, who's new, but not too bad). Today (9/10), another spin class.

    What's very funny (ha-ha, not peculiar) to me is that Garmin already has me at 181 active minutes for the week even though that's only about 105 minutes of exercise, much of it pretty-moderate steady state . . . and I suspect (best guess) this is because my heart rate was a little elevated for the last couple of days due to major over-maintenance eating on Sunday evening, and moderate over-maintenance eating on Monday. I'm not new to these activities, not even close: My sense of RPE suggests my intensity level was a little lower than my heart rate range totals would imply. 79 "vigorous" minutes seems kind of doubtful. :lol:
  • scottkjar
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    Early morning 20-minute walk with a Chihuahua. Mid-morning 30-minute walk with the same Chihuahua.
  • canadiangirl014
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    Today was 1.5Mile walk with the dog then Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 Week 1 workout with 5Lb weights
  • ceiswyn
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    Barre Fit.

    - Warmup with plies and bending
    - Some hardcore leg work including squats on tiptoe
    - Some balletic bouncing about, some aerobic bouncing about, I hate burpees
    - Some arm work and lots of core

    Plus, obviously, the mile and a half walk uphill to the class :)
  • jnomadica
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    20 minute dog walk
    Squats 5x5
    OHP 5x3
    Deadlifts 1x5
    55 burpees
    55 med ball slams
  • firef1y72
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    Crazy Tuesday.
    Just a point to anyone who might try to jump in at this level of activity, it's taken a few years for me to build up to this and I eat to fuel the activity....

    30min stair workout with trainer, included a total of 80 split squats for each leg.

    45min zumba class

    5/3/1 cycle 4 week 3 shoulder press plus accessories. Still working out the sweet weight for the 15 rep sets in accessories but think I've got there for skull crushers.

    35min interval run, 15min warm up then 4 rounds of 3min fast/2min recover. Really struggled with last fast interval but that's how it should be.

    45min insanity class, really, really tough

    45min boxercise class, didn't partner the instructor this week, so used the long punches with less power as the person I did partner was new. Felt strange to hold pads.