Geeks need support too! Fandoms Unite!!



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    ^Seems like a series I need to see! :wink:
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    Arrow is awesome. I've always been more of a Marvel girl (ETA: I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE GETTING AN INHUMANS MOVIE), and IMHO in terms of storytelling Agents of SHIELD is better right now, but Arrow looks, sounds, and feels like a comic book splashed onto the screen. It's a lot of fun. Wednesdays on the CW. Previous seasons on Netflix. :)
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    Ahhh Nerds Unite!!
    I am a fellow nerd (in training; I am actually jealous that I don't have the time to be into more stuff) of the reading and watching sort; I don't have the patience, coordination, or dedication to be a gamer (but my best friend is... that counts for something, right?)

    I am *planning* on going to SDCC this summer and I'm using that as motivation to get in shape, because why not?

    My nerddoms include- HP, LOTR, Battlestar Galactica, Joss Whedon (Buffy, anyone?), Superwholock (of course), Walking Dead, Hitchhikers GTTG, Chuck, and probably about 100 others I've missed.

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    YES Buffy! ^^ Love her :P Also BSG fan here :)
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    j_bark wrote: »
    Sorry, I'm confused. I don't know much about LOTR but I didn't think Smeagol had a full head of hair?
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    Hi Guys!!!! Can I join too???

    Im an avid LOTR and Hobbit Fan. I love Marvel (especially GOTG ... WE ARE GROOT!) and Batman (never really got into Superman tho). I love Supernatural... absolutely adore Charlie and Cass. Dr Who is amazing but my absolute favourite is Game of Thrones!!!
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    I don't really "do" gaming but I love Dr Who, LOTR, Harry Potter, Walking Dead (and anything zombie related), Marvel, Disney, I go to Comic Con, read *kitten* tons, watch loads of films, love musicals, terrible at socailising (lol), have loads of tattoos (working on a sleeve right now), love old style vampires when they were evil and not all lovey dovey like they are now (Interview with the Vampire is my fave film ever!!)

    I approve of every in this. Lol. Except the gaming of course. ;) I hate the new vampires too.

    I agree.
    1. Vampires should never SPARKLE (when I read those books and got to that part, I nearly choked and then proceeded to suffer through one of the movies, eee gads)
    2. What is the point of vampires without blood and sex?
    3. Unless they are the evil gory kinda 30 days of night vamps, those are acceptable.
    I wore a Twilight shirt for my senior pictures in high school that I know I'm going to regret for years to come.

    Ha ha that just made me laugh out loud. In all honesty I think Twilight gets a bad rap from the movies. The books weren't that bad and I thought they had a lot of originality at the time. I'm not a fan or anything, but I did enjoy reading them. I probably would've enjoyed the movies too if Kristen Stewart hadn't played Bella. That chick can't act for crap and annoys me to no end....
    The books will always hold a special place in my heart, but Kristen Stewart has systematically ruined every movie I thought I would have enjoyed.
  • FOR THE HORD!! wold of warcrack is my addiction!! final fantasy and many first person shooters!! dragon age i could go on forever i love this group!! you guys are my ppls!
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    This group seems relevant to my interests.

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    Do you guys find body inspiration in your fandoms? :P Care to share?
    oh, ABSOLUTELY! that's why I do this. I read lots of comics and watch all the super hero movies and tv shows. I want to look like my super heroes! dorky? yes. gets my *kitten* off the couch!

    Hahah indeed :D Super heroes always have nice bodies x) Such eye candy!
    ...workin' on it. Oliver Queen can't be the only one to rock the salmon ladder!

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    Do you guys find body inspiration in your fandoms? :P Care to share?


    Salmon ladder is my favorite Arrow character.

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    If any Harry Potter fans are looking for a way to mix health with the Potter universe, I'm looking for participants for my Hogwarts Exercise challenge! :)
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    xxghost, i'm all for a hogwarts exercise challenge! that sounds amazing.
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    sounds interesting :D I want to know more!
  • I'm with you. I'm a Fantasy Fan & geek, I'm not nearly as much of a gamer (I currently play all SIMS versions, HayDay, Age of Empires, and go on Solitaire binges), but I read avidly and it's hard to go for a walk with a book in your hand. :wink: I also work full time as a data analyst (read "sit all day") and then work out of the home with my fiance on our home crafts business while taking classes to get ahead at my job and am having a heck of a time choosing between exercise, sleep, and a glass of wine with a book. I've managed to get myself to start doing floor stretches when watching movies (Marvel!!!!, HP), but haven't figured out how to get cardio in without buying an elliptacle and replacing the couch with it. LOL
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    jasonmh630 wrote: »

    Yeah, I got about 4 episodes into Constantine

    I know, I know....I have to watch Constantine. Demon genre junky here...must watch, lol.

    Yeah, Constantine! Cool show though I'm a few episodes late. It's getting much better as it goes.

    The only current in-season shows I'm following are the DC ones, I guess: that, The Flash, Arrow, and Gotham. Liking them all.
    My favorite Grade Z at the moment as far as movies, is "Tokyo Zombie". Any other grade z movie fans here?

    Sure, I'll watch pretty much any genre thing once and enjoy it for what it is. I'm not picky. Back in the day, I probably watched every crappy horror movie our local video stores had for rental. Fun stuff.
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    I saw GOTG recently, my first marvel film and loved it. I don't know where to go from there though. (access to Sky uk) Any suggestions welcome. Also not seen or read any Game of Thrones; looking to remedy that at some point. I loved Being Human, but am not hugely into vampires and zombies nowadays as I'm mainly into sci-fi and fantasy.

    It is so good to find similarly minded folk.
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    caddir wrote: »
    I saw GOTG recently, my first marvel film and loved it. I don't know where to go from there though.

    Hey, you could try the other "Marvel Cinematic Universe" movies from the beginning. The first was Iron Man in 2008. They have associations between each other. I've seen them all and enjoy them quite a bit. Here's all the info:
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    Feel free to add me. I'm on everyday and try to support as best I can.

    I like to think of myself as a geek/nerd.

    Big sci fi fan inclung Star Trek, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Stargate and Firefly. Amongst many other.

    Computer geek, who loves building my own machines, learning new things and supporting open source/open rights.

    Mainly a PC gamer, currently working my way through my steam collection, curse you steam sales and hoping for a far cry 4 patch that will fix it.

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    Inspiration for today! Clone Club! tumblr_mno97knYHF1rgvfxho3_500hip.gif