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    July running challenge: goal is 60 miles.

    7/5...4 miles
    7/7...3.66 miles (rolling hills program on the treadmill)--11:06 pace.
    7/8...10 miles
    7/10...6 miles
    total of 23.66 miles for the month of Jul

    7/12....4.15 miles (rolling hills on the treadmill)--12:14 pace....exhausted after working all night and only 5 hours sleep. Still happy that I was able to run. Was distracted by getting a free phone in the mail...so too late to run outside.
    Total for July thus far...27.83.

    7/15....5.08 miles(rolling hills program on the treadmill) at 12:00 pace. I wanted to run a little faster, approximately 11:06 pace again, but "fried" after working 2 nights in a row and getting very little sleep. My plan is to run a long run today, probably 10 miles.
    I slept 10 hours last night and feel great and I lost almost a pound over night. I am in maintenance now (for a month) but still closely monitoring the weight gain/loss. One of my mfp friends lost the weight quickly ( he was ona 1200 calorie diet) and gained 40 pounds back the next year.

    Total for the month of July...32.91.

    7/16 ....6 miles(fartleks)....that was a fun run! Cool weather...I started too late to run the 10 miles that I planned..so opted to run 6 today and then try for 10 tomorrow.I did almost get hit by a "smart" car at an intersection. It was funny...I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and sized up whether it would damage me more than I would damage it if we collided. On Monday, I plan to rest. New total is 38.91.

    Thanks to Elise4270, Stowshew71, and AdriaChr92 for answering my questions. I will google Authur Lydiard...always interested in unorthodox training methods.

    @MobyCarp: Very impressed with your race results, esp. being number 1 in your age bracket. If I race long enough, I may break into the top 100 finishers. Such an accomplishment to be number 1. I love the curved glass trophy...super cool.

    Just finished running 10 miles today...it was harder than last time, maybe because I ran 6 miles yesterday and 5 the previous day. I tried to stay at 85-87% max heart rate...after 5 miles, I could really feel the soreness kick in. I was expecting rubbery legs, not soreness. It was really hot today with occasional cool headwind. I wanted to quit but kept repeating, "stronger, fitter, faster" as a kind of mantra. I slowed significantly the last 3 miles, probably 14 minute and 15 min miles. Afterward, soaked with sweat. Looking forward to rest day tomorrow.

    Total for the month is 37.83.

    7/19....6 miles....last 3 tempo miles at 95% heart rate. Another hot day, 89 degrees with a heat index of 100. 1st 1/2 mile I felt like I had cement blocks on my shoes, but then felt better. By mile 4, I was in the "zone", then fatigued in the middle of mile 5. Just pushed on after that. Not really worried about how fast I am getting it done (except when I start late...don't want to be in the park after dark.) Lately I have been running in the afternoon...very few runners for obvious reasons, but I also want to "get a little tougher". Dripping with sweat afterwards...have to peel my clothes off and then "warm up".

    Many of my friends tell me that I am crazy for running...because I am going to "wreck" my joints. I never have joint pain or problems but sometimes my legs ache (mostly muscle) when I am trying to sleep. I have no problems when I walk. Anything that can help that? I know to stay away from Nsaids. I will take Tylenol just to help with sleep.

    Rest day today...my husband and I are going to a concert (Frampton and Allman). Long run tomorrow.

    Total for the month...43.83 miles.

    Unable to do the long run. One of my trees in my backyard fell into a neighbor's yard. My husband asked me to help him with gathering limbs and stacking them. It was a really large tree and may take a couple of days with a chain saw to get it out of her yard.

    The muscles (lateral) around my knees feel tight. Also some soreness in hamstrings. Do any of you worry about overtraining?

    I may do a short run tomorrow...noted that I was 17 miles from completing my monthly goal.

    I ran for 3 miles this a.m. ....it was all of the time I had this a.m. but last 2 days were "rest" days and I knew that I can't run again until Sunday. Total for the month is 46.83.

    It was cooler this a.m. 82 degrees with heat index of 95 but the dew point was 76....ugh! I run near an organic garden and was envying the plants that were getting watered.

    I work the next 2 nights...will keep checking in...You are all so inspirational...I love this group!

    Unable to run yesterday due to extreme heat....heat index of 104. Plus didn't want to deal with "Brickyard" traffic.

    Able to run this a.m. though. 4 miles...much cooler this a.m. 76 degrees with 96% humidity. Waiting for a break in the weather.

    Total for the month...50.48 miles.

    7/27.....6 miles.....It was 88 degrees, heat index of 104 and only 55% humidity. I felt good and was able to run at an even pace....11:44 minute miles until mile 6 and it was a little over 12 minutes.
    I have started reading "Meb for Mortals" and have been focused on where my arms are when I run. When I keep the wrists close the waist , my posture improves significantly...I never realized that I was leaning forward so much.
    I have to get ready for work. Will try to catch up with all of the copious posts.

    Total for the month. 56.48 miles. Only 4 more miles...to complete July.

    7/29......I was already at the gym. So decided to run on the treadmill. Using the rolling hills program, I ran 4.46 miles at a pace of 11:19. I was dripping in sweat afterward. As usual, I began getting the "runner's high" at mile 4...I felt like running farther but there is a time limit on the treadmill. Do any of you experience a "runner's high" at any particular mile? Just curious. Also notice that I have a layer of salt covering my body afterward...do any of you replace your electrolytes? Sport drinks or mineral replacement?

    The good news is that I met goal...60.94 miles for the month. I plan to run today and tomorrow....may be over 70 miles by the end of the month. I am either going to run 4 or 6 miles today and then a long run of 10 tomorrow. It depends a lot on how much help my husband needs in getting rid of the tree that fell in our in the neighbor's yard.

    Still working toward the Indianapolis HM on October 8th at Fort Ben.
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    7/1 - 2 miles
    7/2 - 5 miles
    7/3 - 3 miles
    7/4- hiking day with Skip
    7/5 - 5 miles
    7/6 - 5 miles
    7/7 - rest day
    7/8 - 5 miles
    7/9 - 8 miles
    7/10 - 4 miles
    7/11 - 5 miles
    7/12 - rest day - took Skip to airport
    7/13 - 6 miles
    7/14 - 6 miles
    7/15 - 6 miles
    7/16 - 4 miles
    7/17 - 9 miles
    7/18 - rest day
    7/19 - 6 miles
    7/20 - 6 miles
    7/21 - 6 miles
    7/22 - 4 miles
    7/23 - 9 miles
    7/24 - rest day
    7/25 - 6 miles and that my friends is GOAL!
    7/26 - 6 miles
    7/27 - 4 miles
    7/28 - 4 miles
    7/29 - rest day
    7/30 - 9 miles

    133 of 110 miles


    9 mile run with Skip at the Greenway.

    @MNlittlefinn thanks. This was month has been the most miles I've put up in the long time. Seems something has hurt for months. This month just felt good, hope it continues into next month :smile: Great long run today!
    @adrianchr92 love the picture group today. I had to laugh at the water cooler in the picture. I love it!
    @rimir74 great running this month
    @_nikkiwolf_ sorry about your coffee pot ordeal and the fact I laughed. Great job getting out there. That is one big freaking caterpillar.
    @greenolivetree sorry the calf is hurting. Hope it feels better soon. :disappointed:
    @katharmonic super long run
    @stoshew71 where did you run today with that much elevation on post?

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    @greenolivetree I hope your leg gets better soon!
    @ereck44 looks like you're moving right along!
    @skippygirlsmom Nice run! Great job getting in 133 miles, you blew away your goal!
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    @MNLittleFinn Thanks! Your enthusiasm in this forum is so contagious!
    @greenolivetree OOh, no! Do you think that you should maybe see a doctor? I'd hate to see you really injure that leg.
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    So, I might end up "sacrificing" one of my long runs this training cycle. My mom, @minmamafinn on here, has offered to walk/jog the route of my September HM with me in August so I can get a course preview and see how recorded elevation compares to the elevation when I plotted it on Strava/runkeeper. Me mum rocks.
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    I'm crossing my fingers that my leg just needs rest. It only hurts with high impact.

    @skippygirlsmom You crushed your goal!
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    @skippygirlsmom That's our sponsor. They give us a water cooler every Saturday. Pretty cool
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    7/30: 9 miles (6 mile jog, 3 mile high incline treadmill)

    Monthly total: 183.75/140 miles

    And that everyone is my total for July. Tomorrow is my well earned rest day! Good job everyone!!!
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    Last days of the month... Anyone have an end of month game like question? I didn't run soooo, I have no everyone fun-ness to share/ask.
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    Elise4270 wrote: »
    Last days of the month... Anyone have an end of month game like question? I didn't run soooo, I have no everyone fun-ness to share/ask.

    For those of us in the midst of summer: What do you miss most about winter running?
    For those in the midst of winter: What do you miss from summer running?

    The grass is always greener on the other side.... but I miss starting runs and having to warm up, instead of starting out sweaty!! Also all those cute layering pieces :)
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    July Running Totals (miles)
    7/1 – rest day
    7/2 – 13.14 paced run
    7/3 – 10.06 easy with fast finish
    7/4 – rest day
    7/5 – 6.74 easy with hills and a fast finish
    7/6 – 7.26 group run
    7/7 – 6.85 warmup, group run speed work
    7/8 – rest day
    7/9 – 12.33 paced run
    7/10 – time for run squeezed out by Life Happens
    7/11 – rest day 7.41 easy + 4 strides
    7/12 – 8.07 warmup + fartlek
    7/13 – unplanned rest day – time crunch
    7/14 – 7.63 easy
    7/15 – rest day
    7/16 – 14.86 warmup + Shoreline Half Marathon
    7/17 – 5.71 easy 45 minutes
    7/18 – rest day 4.16 almost easy
    7/19 – 6.34 warmup + speed work
    7/20 – 6.90 group run
    7/21 – 8.08 warmup + speed work
    7/22 – rest day
    7/23 – 17.01 paced run
    7/24 – rest day
    7/25 – 5.16 mental toughness run
    7/26 – 6.05 warmup + speed work
    7/27 – Life Happens day
    7/28 – 12.06 long speed intervals
    7/29 – rest day
    7/30 – 19.27 paced run
    7/31 –

    July total to date – 185.09

    Nominal Challenge Goal – 150 miles
    Real Goals: Become comfortable running 5 days a week. Finish Shoreline in good shape, managing the expected heat and humidity better than last year. Build base toward Rochester Marathon.

    Today's notes – Saturdays I volunteer as a pace leader for the local Fleet Feet training program. Normally, I pace 8:30 or 8:00 per mile. Today my friend Jim and I had no one needing those paces. But there were no 10:00 pacers, so a couple 9:30 pacers paced 10:00, a couple 9:00 pacers paced 9:30, and Jim and I were asked to pace 9:00. I can run 9:00 per mile if someone else holds the pace, but I had never paced anything that slow. It was an interesting and educational day.

    The 8:00 and 8:30 groups tend to be small, full of very experienced distance runners, and pretty informal. The 9:00 group is considerably bigger than any group I've paced before. Protocol is that one person is supposed to lead and keep accurate pace, one is supposed to trail and deal with people who can't keep up, and when there are 3 pacers one should hang out in the middle and offer encouragement, check for issues, etc.

    I know that if Jim and I just go run, I'll unconsciously push him and we'll end up running about an 8:15 pace. Jim has paced 9:00 before, and he's a better metronome than I am, so early on I dropped back to check on the trailing edge. Turned out that Wendy, a very experienced 9:00 pacer was there. So I circulated through the middle, found a guy who seemed to be struggling with the first hill, and hung out with him for a while.

    Later, that guy lagged behind Wendy and I went back to keep him company. 7 miles into the first 10 mile loop, he was running closer to 9:30 than 9:00 pace. He said he'd drop back to the 9:30's for the rest of his run. That was getting to where there were more turns, so I wanted to be sure he didn't miss turns. Got to where there were 3 turns left, and I was starting to feel the effort of running that much slower than my normal pace. He said he'd catch up at the beach, and there were only 3 turns left, so I took off to catch the body. Ran a nice easy 8:30, and just about caught them at the next turn.

    The road sign was in the middle of a pine tree, which explains why I didn't see it the last time a route came through this corner. The slow guy was out of sight around the corner. Nothing for it, but to run back and make sure the slow guy made the turn. Then I told him the rest was easy, run to the end, turn right, run to the end of that, turn right again, and you can't miss the beach.

    Had to run faster than 8:30 to catch the body this time, but I did limit myself to no faster than 7:30. There were still a lot of miles to run.

    The larger pace group stopped for longer than I'm used to between segments. I ended up recording the day in two pieces because of that long stop.

    As expected, Jim called it quits at 10 miles. He needed to take things a bit easy because he did the Lake Placid Iron Man 6 days ago, and 10 was about what he needed today. At 10 we also dropped all the beginner half marathon trainees, so a smaller group set out for the next 4 miles. That was fairly uneventful, and after running somewhere near this group for 10 miles I did fairly well holding a 9:00 pace. Dropped a few people who only needed 14, and went on for the next 3 miles, which featured a selfie opportunity. Nobody took a selfie, but I thought this group might appreciate the view of Lake Ontario:


    People were still just standing around, so I insisted on one more with people in it:


    Go through that three, and no one was interested in doing the last 2 for a total of 19. So I went out and ran that solo. Without being responsible for a 9:00 pace group, I fell into a more natural pace of about 8:15 per mile. Thought about adding a half mile out and back for 20 total, but today didn't seem to be a day to go 20. So I finished the day with a longish 19 miles.

    The educational parts: It wasn't all that warm, at 70º F (21º C), but the humidity was deceptive. I sweated quite a bit, even though I wasn't working very hard. Chances are, I was only able to run 19 miles because it was very easy running. However, one of the newer training experiments was S-Caps. I've had cramping issues, particularly in marathons. I had used on S-Cap at Shoreline, and couldn't tell whether it helped. I used 2 today, one midway through the first 10 miles and the other an hour into the running after the first 10. My calves didn't cramp up after any of the too-long pauses between routes or to wait for the group to re-form when crossing streets. I think the S-Caps are going to become part of my routine, at least in warm weather.

    The slow guy was deja vu. I've seen guys trying to run 8:30 who belonged with the 9:00 group; today I saw a guy trying to run 9:00 who belonged with the 9:30 group. He had the idea that because he ran a half at an average pace of 9 minutes per mile, he could run his long training runs at that pace. I don't know where that idea comes from, but it seems to be common in newer distance runners. Then he said he thought he'd run the first half of the run at half marathon pace and the second half slower.

    For those paying attention, that's totally backwards. It's much kinder to your body to run the first half slower and the second half faster. Worst case there, you don't have enough gas to run the last part fast. Worst case with this guy's plan, you bonk and can't run the second half at all.

    I know the coaches aren't encouraging this line of thinking, and are explaining the fallacies of it; but it seems to crop up a lot anyway. I kinda sorta understand the mind set that thinks it knows more than the coach; but I don't get why someone would pay for the training and then go totally counter to what is being taught.

    After the run, I asked one of the coaches whether every pace group had some guy trying to run 30 seconds per mile faster than he should. The response was, most of them do. Then it dawned on me: The program assigns runners to pace groups, but does not enforce which group they line up with. *blink* When I was in the program, it never occurred to me to choose a different group than what the coach told me to run with.

    So for those of you who've looked on Strava, that's why I have a 19 mile run with the 9:00 pace group in 2 pieces, and many of the mile splits aren't that close to 9:00. There were a couple of longish stops at road crossings that weren't paused, there was some time running slow with the laggard runner, there was some time running fast to catch up, and the very last two miles were solo and not subject to the 9:00 target. I'm fine with that, because for me the point was more to get the miles in and do what I could to support the first-time trainees than to maintain a specific pace.

    Tomorrow's assignment is 60 minutes easy. It will be a solo run, and I expect it to be a more consistent and quicker pace than today's run.

    2016 races:
    January 1, 2016 Resolution Run 7.5 mile (Mendon, NY) finished in 53:58
    January 9, 2016 Winter Warrior Half Marathon (Gates, NY) finished in 1:30:59
    March 12, 2016 Johnny's Runnin' of the Green 5 mile (Rochester, NY) finished in 32:32
    March 26, 2016 Spring Forward Distance Run 15K (Mendon, NY) finished in 1:05:24
    April 18, 2016 Boston Marathon (Hopkinton, MA) finished in 3:23:01
    April 24, 2016 Flower City Challenge Half Marathon (Rochester, NY) finished in 1:36:50, targeting MP
    May 15, 2016 Highland Hospital Lilac Run 10K (Rochester, NY) DNS - injury
    June 19, 2016 Medved 5K to Cure ALS (Rochester, NY) DNS - recovering from face plant
    July 16, 2016 Shoreline Half Marathon (Hamlin, NY) finished in 1:31:11
    August 13, 2016 Bergen Road Race 5K (Bergen, NY)
    September 18, 2016 Rochester Marathon (Rochester, NY)
    November 24, 2016 Race with Grace 10K (Hilton, NY)

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    @stoshew71 where did you run today with that much elevation on post?

    Most of that was from Eastview. Started at Panera down OMP to the Greenway then north up the Greenway to the fork, made left through the jungle gym area, out through the neighborhood, then South on Slaughter, right on Eastview, all the way to BJHS, turned around and did all of that Eastview in reverse, left on Slaughter, right on Farrow, right through Columbia HS, up the double helix, through Pegasus, through Midtown, Enterprise, Discovery, Adtran, back to OMP, then back to Panera.
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    Elise4270 wrote: »
    Last days of the month... Anyone have an end of month game like question? I didn't run soooo, I have no everyone fun-ness to share/ask.

    For those of us in the midst of summer: What do you miss most about winter running?
    For those in the midst of winter: What do you miss from summer running?

    The grass is always greener on the other side.... but I miss starting runs and having to warm up, instead of starting out sweaty!! Also all those cute layering pieces :)

    I miss sleeping in on Saturday and starting my run at 9am when it's warmed up a little :)
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    Stoshew71 wrote: »

    Great job to everyone and thank you all for participating. On to August. (In the link above)

    Edit: we still got one more day in July. To all you last dayers, make it count and kick *kitten*.
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    @AdrianChr92 I love that you're getting people together to run on Saturdays! Is it a parkrun? If not, are you thinking of making it one?

    Not sure if Romania has any parkruns, but there are 954 parkruns in the world so far, and more starting every week.

    America is lagging behind but other countries have had people saying parkrun is the most important sporting event on the planet.

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    2 July – 5 km parkrun alongside my niece
    3 July – 10 km
    5 July – 10 km
    7 July – 10 km
    8 July – 5.6 km & Body Balance
    9 July – 13.6 km & 10 km PB
    11 July – 10 km
    15 July – 3.7 km
    16 July – 5.1 km parkrun
    18 July – 9.1 km
    20 July – 10 km
    23 July – 5.1 km parkrun
    24 July – 17 km
    26 July – 12.1 km
    28 July – 10 km
    30 July – 5.1 km parkrun PB!
    31 July – 15.1 km including PBs for 10 km and 15 km!

    July Goal: 150 km (93 miles)
    Total: 156.5 km (97.2 miles)

    My long run today got me over my monthly goal. It was perfect weather for it, too.


    I also managed PBs for 10 km and 15 km!

    10 km: 58:17
    15 km: 1:28:24

    Going over my goal means I can donate 6.5 km (4 miles) to @Elise4270
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    Well, it's official, I just had my first minor freak out about my September HM...Strava says 498 feet of elevation. Biggest elevation run so far has been either 415 or 435, depending on if I believe Strava or GC more.....I'll feel so much better after I walk/jog the course with me mom....Hopefully in just a couple weeks.
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    @MNLittleFinn Deep breaths! That's just like one extra hill ;) Nothing you can't handle.

    @Orphia I never heard of parkrun until this group. I researched it and it's so cool. But yes, US is not caught on. I think this would so work in my area though. We have things like Yoga in the Park where you just show up. I can totally see this being a big hit if only anybody had heard of it.
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    @greenolivetree yeah. I blame it on tomorrow being a rest day....for some reason I get these little freak outs when I'm looking ahead to a no running day....
  • greenolivetree
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    @greenolivetree yeah. I blame it on tomorrow being a rest day....for some reason I get these little freak outs when I'm looking ahead to a no running day....

    LOL I get it. I get anxious before regular planned runs that aren't even races.