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    I couldn't get my lap top to turn on yesterday so didn't post. Missed reading all about my cyber sisters

    Good service today. We have a fairly new tenor in the choir that sang a solo within out song we sang. He has been on Broadway, lots of experience. Beautiful voice. We have also lost a tenor and his wife, my good friend in the choir. He has a really bad back and bad diabetes. Because of his health problems, they have retired from the choir. He has one of those mature older men's tenor voices. I will really miss standing in front of him hearing him. His wife has a women's older lady alto that is getting weaker through the years.

    Kelly, love the picture of your youngest with measles. He looks awful but making the best of it. Both my girls had chicken pox like any kid of that generation. But Michelle only had about 5 pox. I didn't think about it much at the time but when she was in 3rd grade she got shingles. Doctor said she didn't have the chicken pox enough to prevent the shingles. It laid dormant in her system.

    Tomorrow night we, or I, go to the recuse agency to check out this little kitten. The picture I have of him shows him hanging upside down on a scarf. He just looks so playful plus he is a medium length hair cat. Melody is to and I love that. And his name is Mozart!!!

    Joyce, Indiana
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    I terms of "motivation and support"--it took me forever to realize how to find this thread again. That is, go to message boards, motivation and support, then click on that, then find the thread. So, yes, I did now bookmark it so I can go back! Best to all, elffkin
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    Michele ~ You are going to look very pretty in that dress. I like your longer hair style and you are so tan. Jealous!
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    stats for the day:

    Day 29-Plyometrics exercises- 43.36min, 5sets of 10each, squats, burpees, running stationary lunges, single leg toe touches, ceiling to fl toe touch single leg, hamstring leglifts, push-ups, crunches, situps, leg raises, 117ahr, 142mhr =308c
    other- brush and bathe Bullwinkle -60min, at least 50c

    total cal 358
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    csofled wrote: »
    Are those lilacs Pip? If so it must smell wonderful in that corner!

    I don't know what that is, I'm not a plant person but it's pretty
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    pipcd34 wrote: »
    csofled wrote: »
    Are those lilacs Pip? If so it must smell wonderful in that corner!

    I don't know what that is, I'm not a plant person but it's pretty

    I think it's wisteria. :D

    Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Hello Ladies!

    No Mayo tuna salad:

    I went to Bunko last night and one of the topics was food, of course. We started talking about tuna salad and how each of us makes it. I do something a bit strange but it works for me. Everyone thought is was a great idea and wanted to try it. Reminder...this is a group of Texans.

    I've never really like mayonaise so tuna salad was not a favorite dish. Last year I decided to skip the mayo and use guacamole instead. Yes, it makes the tuna salad a bit green but the taste is great and it's a lot better for you. I also use diced water chestnuts, celery, red onion, and sweet relish. Besides tasting great, the oil from the tuna fish (natural oils in the fish, not added) keeps the avocado from turning dark. I make a batch on Sunday and eat it as an open faced sandwich troughout the week.

    Today's cooking day so I'll try to catch up on everyone's posts this evening.

    Have a wonderful evening,
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    pipcd34 wrote: »
    csofled wrote: »
    Are those lilacs Pip? If so it must smell wonderful in that corner!

    I don't know what that is, I'm not a plant person but it's pretty

    It's wisteria. Love it.

    Janetr okc
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    Kate UK <3
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    Michele in NC -
    exermom wrote: »
    mia - have a question for you. If you can't/don't do this, that's OK. When Vince and I got married, the tiers of the wedding cake were upside down champagne glasses. I can only find 7. There must have been 8. If I were to send you one of the glasses, could you make a glass like it?

    So sorry. I cannot do this. I am not precise enough to be able to match a glass.

    Talk to the cake baker. I can envision using 3 glasses to hold up a smaller tier and 4 to hold up the next tier.

    You could also give them 2 of your glasses for their first toast instead of using them to separate the cake tiers.

    There must be a way for these special glasses of your to be used meaningfully in your daughter's wedding.

    Mia in MI
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    Good evening y'all,

    I made it to both Sunday School and Church. It was tough sitting for so long, but I met some people that are also in the "Over 50" Sunday School. The choir was really good as usual!

    Lanette Crazy sheep ladies? LOL! That's funny! Thank you for admiring my guest room. I like doing that, I guess you can say my house is my hobby. Yes, I'm feeling much better. Sometimes if my breakfast is different than normal it just throws me for a loop. I had oatmeal and I was asleep real quick!! Quick oats! Right?

    Pip Pretty Wisterias. I have two large plants. They need to be cut back. They can get out of hand!

    Michelle in NC I haven't heard of anyone asking for money for their wedding! That's pretty crass! If they want to have a "money tree" on a table that would be ok.
    I had a sit down dinner and people complained when someone passed a tip jar around for the band who we hired. People are funny about cash. I myself may not have available cash for gifting but may be able to fit in a nice gift at the brides registry and pay with my credit card. Times are tight for a lot of people. If the bride and groom want to go on an expensive honeymoon they should save for it!
    Three flavors for cake? Like you said "It's just for one day!"

    I had a huge grilled chicken salad at Zaxby's for lunch. It was 680 + 70 calories for dressing. It was very good but left me short for dinner. I made sautéed zucchini and onion and 2 eggs scrambled with salsa. I completed my day under 1500 calories!

    Bye till tomorrow,
    Dana in Arkansas
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    :)MIchele, You mentioned Kahlua in your daughter's wedding cake. Does that mean there will be alcohol in the cake?

    :) I guess yesterday's adventure was more tiring than I realized because today I have had less energy than usual. It is such a beautiful day and I haven't really felt like working in the yard. I did go out and pull weeds for two short sessions but I've been more inclined to do things that can be done indoors sitting down. Fortunately the warm weather keeps the dogs from wanting to walk much so our daytime walks have been about 10 minutes instead of 20-30. Nothing seems to keep me off the exercise bike so I've done a bit of that.

    :) I got a call this afternoon from our neighbor who is over 90 years old. She wanted to talk about the new recycling program that has a 96 gallon container instead of small bins and requires that you take your glass recycling to town rather than having it picked up. I thought she was calling to ask us to help her. Instead she was calling to say that she had a box in her carport to collect glass and we should bring ours over so she could take it town for us. That's how I want to be in 20 years.

    <3 Barbie
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    Happy belated birthday Pip!40diaxbx6pa0.jpg

    If you remember Ab Fab?
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    fanncy0626 wrote: »
    Lanette - this is one of the threads on here that got me started lifting at home.

    Mary! WOW - Amazing the results here from dedicated weight lifting - you and this gal win the prize... hard work certainly pays off.

    For now I'll be content to get some strength and toning. THEN I'll think about giving Ernestine Shepherd a run for her money B)

    SW WA State

    (I thought I already posted a reply but don't see it... maybe hung up in somebody's cloud!)
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    Lanette- isn't that a great thread! I read that one night and bought my weight set within the next few days! I have been lifting consistently since. Any strength training will be beneficial! I'm rooting for you!


    Mary from Minnesota