Are there any protein bars that don't taste like a stick of chalk?



  • cs2thecox
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    Oh my, I am making lists of all the different bars you can get in the UK. I will be there 7 weeks so plenty of time to test a load of them.

    @cs2thecox any chance of you getting hold of a bounty bar and testing it?
    I was so disappointed with the chocolate being USA style rather than UK. I never acquired the taste for USA chocolate.

    Cheers, h.

    I can try on Tuesday! (Off work moving house at the moment, national holiday on Monday, and the good shop is near the office...)
    I know Protein Haus make their own Bounty-type bars though, so may not stock the "official" ones. I'll have a look.
  • mlsh1969
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    I've tried Quest cinnamon roll and another one I can't remember the name of.

    The apple pie one is pretty good too
  • Sp1tfire
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    I love luna bars but they don't pack nearly as much protein as quest.
  • frankiesgirlie
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    Pure protein. Especially the peanut chocolate caramel. I consider it a treat it’s so good.
  • PowerliftingMom
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    Grenade Carb Killa Caramel Chaos is my new fav protein bar. Oh Yeah One Bar (Peanut butter) and Fitjoy Grandma's Lemon Square are also my favs. Cliff Bar is the worst bar I've ever tasted along with Quest
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    Kirkland bars, oh yeah, pure protien are good.

    Yep! Chocolate brownie and cookie dough.
  • goatg
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    Quest cookie dough and Oreo flavors.

    Not sure it’s high enough on protein, but NuGo is absolutely delicious
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    lilawolf wrote: »
    lilawolf wrote: »
    I like the quest cookies and cream and vanilla almond flavors the best... These aren't the most popular, but I like them way better than the others. The cookie and almond bits seem to help with the texture.

    But really? Like, actually delicious? Actually a healthy candy bar? No. Lies. All lies.


    Have you actually tried them?

    Where does one buy these?!

  • JesseDP00
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    My three favorite:
    Pottentia Peanut Butter Cacao Dark
    Garden of Life Organic Peanut Butter Sport
    Oh Yeah Almond, Fudge Brownie (when I have a sweet-tooth).
  • missemmibelle
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    I think the Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough tastes like poison :smiley:
  • goatg
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    I think the Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough tastes like poison :smiley:

  • Enjcg5
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    I like the Aldi Millville Peanut Butter Chocolate and Elevation chocolate chip (also from Aldi). The Pure bars are so thick and make me need a gallon of water. I don’t want to eat for like 15 hours! I guess that can be a plus.
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    I go with Pure Protein.
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    Jockamo319 wrote: »
    Pure protein - most of theirs taste pretty good, esp. strawberry

    i agree i get these all the time and don't taste like chalk
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    I love Oatmega protein bars. They only have 14 grams of protein, but they have tons of fiber and are very LOW sugar. Most protein bars either taste like crap, or might as well be candy bars. The Oatmega bars are really good. They taste good IMO, but are a little dry, but that's easily solved by eating them with a beverage - I love them with hot tea. But they are also good with plain old water.
  • jenilla1
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    I think the Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough tastes like poison :smiley:

    All the Quest bars I've tried taste like chemical funk and they are super, sickeningly sweet. No me gusta. :s
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    Try going to . There is a write-up on several different brands and their varieties, including reviews.
  • grimecl
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    Luna Bar tastes pretty good - especially the lemon one. No chalky taste
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    I like the Premier Protein bars. Costco has a variety pack with Peanut Butter Crunch, Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp and Salted Caramel. I am not a big fan of the Caramel ones, but really like the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mint. 30g protein each.
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    I like Kirklands Protein Bars. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Brownie are my favorites.

    I like them too and unfortunately we don't have the new flavours in Canada as of yet.

    However I shared a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with a non protein bar eater cause she was really hungry and I felt guilty eating one without sharing... and she literally spat it out and pulled into a gas station for a chocolate bar!