What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    One of the things that has surprised me the most in my lose weight/get fit endeavors is how lonely it is. No one else in my social circle seems as interested as I am, which is fine. I guess maybe I’m actually most surprised that I noticed it and actually wish I had someone to share some of these things with. I’m typically pretty good with doing things on my own. This makes me appreciate this online community all the more, though!

    You are in the right place to share. Yes, No one really cares. That's harsh but mostly true. I've started to find it amusing at work. In the past year I've lost over 80 pounds by simply using MFP and eating less of the same things I've been eating. I started exercising again because I enjoy it. I'm now at a healthy BMI and getting ready to run a 1/2 marathon in two weeks. Not a bad success story, huh? Well - no one cares in my real life except for my wife and family and a couple of close friends...

    What's amusing is watching coworkers all discuss the newest diet fad and have long discussions about how they need to lose weight. Not a soul will ask how I did it - and I finally figured out why... They don't really want to lose the weight or change their life. They just want to talk about it. I don't say that to be mean spirited; it's just true. They don't talk to me about weight loss because I've actually done it. They just want the miracle diet/food/pill/exercise that will shave 20 pounds off of their body with no real investment of time or energy.

    So - come here and share. We care and are happy for you. We'll give you the kudos you deserve.

    Congratulations on your success!

    Do you work with the exact same people as me? Lol. Okay and even when people ask and I answer with changing my eating habits, being super consistent, and exercising they choose what they want to hear. The last person focused on just exercising and ignored what I said about eating habits.
    And congratulations to you too!
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    Dislocating your joints can be a real thing. My husband dislocated his shoulder one night while sleeping. Physio therapy aggravated the situation even more. They didn't really believe it was dislocated and had him doing lifting exercises with weights. He was in agony. Luckily, he was able to pop it back in (with my help) and hasn't had any problems since. But it was one of the only time I saw my husband cry. Glad to hear that you can wiggle your joints back into place without too much trouble.
    Sgriska wrote: Without so much fat on my body, some of my joints seem hypermobile, in particular my shoulders. They don’t literally “dislocate,” but if I’m not mindful I can easily twist around into positions where they slip out of alignment and kind of get “hung up” on things and a bit stuck, so I have to kind of wiggle and shake them back into place

    I didn’t at all mean to suggest it’s not a real thing, just that what I’m experiencing isn’t actually that but I’m having a hard time describing what’s going on and that sounds kinda similar but not really, cuz no pain, no injury, just bones literally ending up in the wrong location for smooth mobility because they’ve become too flexible.
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    That when you lose fat, fat soluble hormones such as estrogen are released wrecking havoc on your body.

    In no way am I doubting you, but could you describe some of what you're experiencing from a symptomatic angle? I'm curious if maybe this can explain some stuff with me.
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    Something I noticed last night..
    I cant sleep on my side because my knee bones hurt when they touch each other

    I am also having that issue. If you sleep on your side does your shoulder hurt in the morning too? Or am I just old?

    If you have lost a significant amount of weight, it might be time for a new mattress, as your body might now prefer a different kind.

    Dear lord, I better not get a keener sense of smell, I am already more sensitive than most.

    I had to get a mattress pad, it helped a lot, but all of a sudden I'm getting the shoulder and arm numbness again. I think my cheap mattress pad is wearing out, it was cheap after all.

    Time for a thicker one I guess.