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  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,304Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,304Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ Happy Monday!!! I'm alive and well. Workouts are going great, along with the Peloton of course too. I have just been busy at work (which is great) due to the end of the month and just busy times!

    I will catch up with you all tomorrow :smile: :smile:

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,428Member Member Posts: 1,428Member Member
    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were gentle yoga and barre. My day went downhill in the afternoon. I had a bad stomach day. I can't wait to see the specialist!
    I sat at the breakfast bar after my classes and was reading email when I started nodding off. DH was preparing himself lunch and saw me struggling to stay awake. This is how easily I can fall asleep now that I feel so fatigued. He felt so bad for me and suggested I go to bed to take a nap. I can't wait to see this GI doctor!

    Laurie, awesome job with those workouts! I've gone from avoiding floor work to doing a lot of it! LOL
    So glad you had a nice weekend with perfect graduation weather!
    I love Rocket's picture! I thought he was standing on a yoga mat! LOL
    Warrior 3 is a tough one for sure. I am better when standing on my left leg.

    The yoga place I go to also has an apothecary store. They sell all kinds loose herbs, essential oils and vegetables from a Mennonite farm. Those are the biggest and most beautiful vegetables I've ever seen.
    In MA it was easy to get an emissions test too. I just can't believe there isn't a place in BR!

    Laurel, glad you had a good weekend. We are going to get some rain this week here. I hope you will get some too. I think it will start raining on Wednesday and it will be rainy for about a week. We need the rain badly!
    Fabulous workouts!!

    That Warrior 3 pose is hard and Ashlee showed me different ways to get into the pose. It will be a while before I can do this one right.
    Did you see the signs for Mercier Orchards? That is quite an operation! We took my BIL there and he was quite impressed.
    OMG the farm produce here! These vegies are huge, colorful and beautiful. I can't say the same about fruits though. I bought some nectarines at Mercier and they are very tart. They have the biggest apples I've ever seen here! I don't buy apples anymore because they are way too big for me.
    We will continue to visit the farmer's market. I heard that toward the 3rd week in June it gets better and more vendors participate. One more thing that's about 5 minutes from our house!
    We discovered that we live very close to Lake Blue Ridge too.
    I hope those cleaning clothes work for you! They have ones for the kitchen too.

    Tami, glad you're doing well! Great job with your workouts and I'm sure you're happy to be busy at work!

    Hi Erika!

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I did RAW Boxing & Sculpting.

    Laurel, Your weekend sounds very nice. Glad that you had a chance to golf. Awesome workouts too. Miller Park is very nice, and I love going there for games. The Cubs like to come up here for games, way better parking. :D If you went by the park then you where not to far from where I work, since I can see the park. I have another niece that moved to Green Bay, so we get to see her a lot more also. I told her this past weekend, that it was really nice to see her so much more.

    Tami, So glad that you where able to let us know that you are still getting on your Peloton, and of course doing your workouts.

    Thelma, Glad that you enjoyed your class. I can sure understand the waiting to see the doctor has to be hard. I'm glad that your DH is around though. It really is surprising how floorwork can really get into those areas that you don't hit with normal leg exercises. Thanks for the compliment on Rocket, this picture was from daycare. This was the first picture of him that he didn't look he was afraid. :D Probably one of the best pictures of him that I have ever seen. Those veggies sound great, and of course that you have an apothecary. Haven't heard that word since I was at the Ren Faire. :D

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a tough one but very fun. I started with RWH LIHI Legs, then went into Cathe Live LIHI Legs, then finished off with Cathe Live Lift It HiiT It Live. The workouts progressed from higher weights to lower and from less intense cardio to more intense. Really enjoyed it.

    Tami, thanks for checking in. Glad you are staying busy at work! Hope you aren’t too busy though!

    Thelma, great workout, but I am sorry about how you are feeling still. I don’t remember the name of the orchard, but it was probably that one. This is early season for peaches, but we tried some this weekend. Thy were better than store bought but not great. Hoping for sweeter ones as the season progresses. We are getting tomatoes, cucumber and zucchini off our own plants now, which are really good! Love this time of year for fresh food. :)

    Laurie, another great RAW workout. Love the new photo of Rocket! He is such a cutie. On that Sunday of the Road Trip, after meeting our friend, DH and I drove into Chicago and went very near Wrigley. In fact, we drove by the bar/restaurant you had been to a few weeks before. It was a few hours before the baseball game started and it was a mess! I am glad we opted not to go to the game, that’s for sure. I would think pretty much everybody would prefer Miller Park to that! :)

    Well, I got a text from DH this morning that his parents have decided to come two days early.....and will be here tomorrow. :o This will be fun since we still don’t have a master bedroom shower, so DH and I will cede the guest bathroom shower and will be, instead, lugging everything upstairs to my workout space to shower. Thank goodness we are all family! ;) But if I am not here the rest of the week, it is because of house guests and, hopefully, being out and about.

    Enjoy the day.

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    Hi Ladies!!!

    I'm here and well! Day 1 of bathroom remodels is done...what a dusty, loud mess, but demo is done and the new tub is in. They said it will take 3 days for each bathroom, so my hubby and I are trading off days off work to entertain the pups, talk to contractors, etc. So, I won't have the full week off, but a couple days this week and a couple next, which will be nice.

    This weekend was so fun, my son's high school lacrosse team had their state tourney on Sunday and won 1st place in overtime. It was a loonnng day (left home at 7:30am, home at 5pm) of 5 games, but my son's team captain asked the coach to play him more than the other defensive players, so he played nearly the whole day. He was in heaven! Now, we are done with lacrosse until next year and we go into hockey mode...this is just a fun league both my boys play on...once a just perfect for us.

    Just started my next rotation yesterday...RWH and ICE combo! Can't wait!

    Thelma, I sure do hope you can get your stomach figured out. Have you been tested for gluten intolerance at all? My hubby and son have it (and several in our family have celiac) and I'd say the symptoms they were having were very similar. It's a simple blood test to tell if you have elevated numbers and then from there they can test further if you come up high to see if you have celiac. Just a thought! I love those Norwex cloths...I've been using them for years, and they last for years!! Great job on the yoga and barre...sounds like it's working well for you!

    Laurie, awesome hearing your KCM workout lineup! We are dry as a bone here, but were soggy up through Friday last weekend. Hot and humid here the last couple days and now storms coming in tonight. Hopefully that will cool things off just a bit. I hope you don't end up with any severe weather over there as it looks like it might be moving that way.

    Laurel, once again I love your LIVE workouts. They sound so fun. I do agree, there are a lot of breaks in the LIVE workouts, which I sometimes love and sometimes don't. I find if I have breaks too often, my mind wanders and you can find me cleaning a toilet, mopping the floor or something else as I feel I have a quick minute to get it done! But, I love her variety. Has she gotten any better with her goof ups? The ones I had done, she kept losing count, forgetting to do the other side, etc. I am OCD when it comes to things being even, so I noticed it every time!

    Tami, glad your Peloton is getting some good use...there is a buzz going in our house about one now :)

    Have a great evening. I'll likely be on later this week!

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    Hi Ladies ~ I’m sorry I have been kind of “absent” for a few days. Work is definitely busy and I am just doing “whatever is needed” so that is good. Keeping busy and I like that. Last night I went to Katy’s BootCamp and it was a toughie …. She did a format of: 90 jump ropes, 50 lunges, 50 squats, 50 sit-ups, 50 biceps, then walk the entire tennis court with weight in one hand overhead down with the right hand, back with the left hand, then sprint down and sprint back. Then you repeat ALL of the above but with 40 reps of each, then 30, then 20, then 10 and DONE. This a.m. I decided on RWH Upper Body Circuit since I had so much legs last night and tomorrow and Thurs are going to be RWH LIHI workouts.

    Thelma: Way to go with your Yoga and Barre workouts. Dang it on your stomach continuing to give you problems however. I bet you seriously cannot wait to see the specialist. I hope you get some answers and quick solutions so you can feel yourself again. The apothecary store sounds AMAZING. I bet you are finding some wonderful things to treat yourself with. Yes, definitely happy to be busy at work. We have been getting in so much business they are trying to make a plan for 60 days when so much of this is going to be closing, etc. Our Escrow Dept is going to be slammed. I told DH, why don’t they train me to help over there since I am not training in my dept…. he just looked at me funny. Oh well, I will take any busy over wondering what is next.

    Laurie: Yay on the graduation weather cooperating for you! Sounds like a nice weekend. Excellent job with your workouts. Sounds like you have been able to get in some great RAW workouts and you are enjoying them! What a darling new picture by the way of Rocket. Sweet dog and glad he was happy at daycare. Speaking of pouring rain …. Last Thursday after work I met my girlfriend for another bike ride. Well it was gorgeous all day until we got on our bikes. We went only 5 miles and complete down pour. We were both soaked and made it back to our cars as fast as we could. We are going to try and go again this week (maybe?) Supposed to turn to bad weather on Thursday so we will see.

    Laurel: WOW! On that combination of workouts you did this a.m. I am tired just reading about it. Way to WORK. Actually your whole line up lately sounds intense! Way to go, I am sure it feels amazing. Your weekend sounds like it was a nice one, including some golf. We are golfing with our friends this Saturday in a fundraiser. We did it a couple years ago. The bad thing is the weather is supposed to be TERRIBLE oh AND I haven’t golfed in a year ….. AGAIN. ☹ Definitely not TOO busy. It is weird because like I said, everyone is SO busy and we have so many orders, the company set a new record for May, which is great. Going to be a busy summer. No overtime needed yet though on my part, which is strange. Last year I was here all the time. Good luck with your house guests if we don’t see you here for a couple days.

    Erika: Sounds like a busy household along with the remodel! We have wanted to do our guest bath for several years now. Just haven't done it yet. Yay on starting up the new RWH & ICE combo. Great workouts to put together. OMG! If you get a Peloton you will love it! Such a great workout and the instructors are amazing.

    Have a great evening ladies! Tami
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    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were Yoga Basics and Yoga flow with Ashlee.

    Funny that Erika mentioned Celiac disease. I have started to think that I may have that. I definitely have some of the symptoms. No bloating or pain. A woman I used to work with had Celiac disease and she had diarrhea all the time and I don't. I wonder if I have anemia because I've been craving beef.
    I am OK when I eat bread. Bananas don't seem to go down well anymore so I won't be buying them anymore.

    We'll finally get some rain starting tomorrow! I'm going for a pedicure in the afternoon. I need one badly!
    DH started the refinance process for our GA today. I think he got 3.25 or 3.5% which is an amazing rate!

    Laurie, that workout sounds like a lot of fun! great job.
    Floor work has a way of getting into areas we normally don't hit. Kudos to the doggy daycare for taking pictures of your babies! I hadn't heard the word apothecary in decades I think!

    Laurel, great job with that killer workout!!
    I'm glad this early peach season because I also hope to find sweet ones!
    OMG, I can't believe you're already getting tomatoes, cukes and zucchini off of your own plants!! It seems you just planted those plants last month! How long ago did you plant them?

    OMG, surprise with your in-laws early arrival! I least you have another shower you can use.
    Did you read that Erika has been using those Norwex clothes for years?

    Erika, so glad one of your bathrooms is done! Congrats on starting the new rotation!
    How exciting about your son being such a great lacrosse player!

    Like I said above I've started to think Celiac. The big thing for me is that I have heartburn. Of course I could have the non-classical or silent celiac disease. I am definitely going to ask the doctor to test me for Celiac disease. Thank you for suggesting it because your suggestion prompted me to look the symptoms.

    Tami, awesome workouts! That BC class sounds like a tough one for sure! I'm sure Katy was happy to have you attend her class!

    I can't wait to see the GI specialist! The apothecary store is pretty cool. They also sell homemade soaps and bath bombs. I'm a shower type of girl so not sure about those bath bombs but people seem to love them.
    It would be fabulous if you could help out in the escrow department! Do you know anyone in that department? Maybe you could see if they need help!

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Had a great line up of RAW workouts this morning. I started off with Home Gym Intervals #1 (I used the elliptical) I followed that with Cardio Finisher and then Upper Body Finisher Arms & Shoulders. My arms and shoulders are fried now. ;)

    Laurel, You worked those legs good yesterday, and it all sounds like fun. Oh my on your in-laws getting to your place early. I'm sorry to hear that you still don't have your shower working, that has to be frustrating. At least you have multiple places available to shower though. Rocket is a cutie that is for sure. You will have a great time at Miller Park if you get the chance. Of course the name will be changing in the future, because American Family Insurance has purchased the naming rights to the park. It will take me some time to stop calling it Miller Park, I still have a habit of calling it County Stadium right now. :D

    Erika, Congrats to your ds's lacrosse team on the state tournament victory. That doesn't happen often, and I'm glad that he got to play so much. Sounds like progress is being made on the bathrooms. Enjoy your RWH/ICE combo. I'm in a RAW workout mood right now, and it has been a lot of fun. We had some storms last night, but nothing severe. We really don't need all this rain, but I'm not going to complain. We have had a few years of really dry weather, but this will be a horrible mosquito year. I can see them buzzing at the windows already.

    Tami, Great job on your workouts! That class sounds brutal. I'm glad to hear that you are busy, sure does make the day go a lot faster. Kelly has been posting some RAW workouts to follow, and they fall into the heavy weight week format (at least in my mind :D ). It has been a fun week so far doing the workouts that she is suggesting. My knee has been happy with this format also. Rocket loves daycare, he seems to know what days he is suppose to go. Tomorrow he will be following me around the house until it is time to leave. I can't believe that you and your bf where in pouring rain on bikes. I hope that it wasn't cold rain, that is the worst. I hope that you both are able to get your ride in sometime this week.

    Thelma, Great job on the yoga. I'm sure that appointment can't come soon enough. I hope they are able to find whatever is wrong, and that you start feeling better. Rocket must have been a big ham that day, because they hardly ever have any pictures of him. I'm glad that they do this also, otherwise I don't think I would have any pictures of him at all. :D

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies, today's workouts were gentle yoga and Sculpted-Movement Fusion.
    I had DH call the license office to double check on the emissions test. He was told BR doesn't enforce the emissions test so we'll go register my car tomorrow.

    We finally got some much needed rain today! It will rain till next Wed I read today, for a total of 8 inches of rain.

    Laurie, fantastic workouts!!
    You need to start taking pictures of Rocket! He is so cute!

    Hi Laurel, Tami & Erika!

    Good night ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was another RAW workout Kettlebell Dumbbell Fusion, really have been enjoy these RAW workouts this week.

    Thelma, Great job on the yoga. Glad to hear that you don't need the emissions to get your car registered. That has to be nice. Good news on the rain, I'm sure that it will be soaked up quickly. If I was really good at taking pictures, then I would probably take more of them.

    Have a great day everyone!
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    Hi Ladies ~ So yesterday was RWH – LIHI Chest/Shoulders/Tris and if I don’t go hit golf balls tonight I will get in the other LIHI Back/Bi’s after work + a Peloton ride. DH agreed to golf this Saturday in a fund raiser tournament with our friends, (supposed to be the WORST weather day of the week :( ). So in preparation she and I were going to go hit balls but it is supposed to be really rainy this afternoon too. I vote for my workouts after work vs. hitting balls in the cold rainy weather. LOL

    Thelma: Excellent job continuing on the Yoga workouts! I bet you are on absolute countdown for that appt. I am sure nobody wants to feel better more than you. Poor woman.

    Laurie: Great workouts with the RAW line up you are continuing to do! Sounds like a great one for the upper body forsure and then today’s KB/DB Fusion. I am glad your knee is enjoying those workouts as well. On the pouring rain bike ride …….. it was COLD rain, not warm at all. It actually felt like it was hailing on us as we rode into it on the way back. Definitely don’t want to get caught in one of those again.

    Hi Laurel ~ Hope all is going well with your in-laws. ;)

    Talk to you ladies tomorrow - Have a great afternoon/evening! :) Tami

    p.s. I decided to go ahead and order Cathe's Step Boss ... I figured for the price I will probably like 2 of the 3 forsure. I'm a sucker for a good DVD sale I guess. Fingers crossed.
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    Hi Ladies, today's workout was a killer Barre workout. We didn't have a chance to go register my car today. We'll try going there tomorrow.
    The rain continued today. I'm so thankful for the rain because I was afraid of a brush fire around here.

    Laurie, so glad you've enjoyed the RAW workouts this week. Great job!
    OMG, we're total opposites when it comes to taking pictures! LOL

    Tami, great workouts!! Are you getting rain too? I hope your weather improves for the tournament!
    Since I moved to BR, I felt that time just flew by, but not now that I need for my GI specialist's appointment day to get here!

    I can't believe you ordered the Step Boss program! I agree that 2 of those workouts sound good. I'm still a no go on this program.

    Hi Laurel, I hope your in-laws made to you safely.

    Hi Erika!

    Good night ladies!

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    Happy Friday Ladies! Another long week it feels like and the weekend will be busy. No golf range last night it was absolutely pouring down rain. So I was able to get in my workout instead! YAY Today was S&S PHA and depending on plans tonight after work I will hit the Peloton. There is no more Friday Night Spinning at the gym for the summer .... I would opt for the Peloton anyway but sometimes it was nice to just hit that and head home on Friday's. So tomorrow will be the stormy golf tourney all day and Sunday I found out my BIL and his girlfriend are coming over in the afternoon. So it will be a busy, quick weekend. Hoping to get a workout in before I leave tomorrow a.m.

    Thelma: Way to go with your Barre workout today. I bet you are so happy to have your DH around right now with the way your body/energy has been feeling. I know he is helpful for you, so that is great.

    I can't believe I ordered Step BOSS either :D Fingers crossed that my plan of 2 of the 3 will work for me. :# We have been getting crazy random rain and stormy weather and then it changes quickly. Which is very normal for our part of the country, especially this time of year. This a.m. was in the 40's, will warm up to maybe 60 today and by next week it is supposed to be close to 90 degrees. WHAT?!? So strange. Stormy tomorrow however for our tourney.

    Have a great weekend!
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    Morning Ladies,

    On Friday I had to be at work early, so I didn't workout. We had an all day training event, and unfortunately the majority of the training was standing. So by the end of the day my feet, back and knee where hurting. This was a new training, so I hope that they decide to change something with all the standing. Anyway no workout on Saturday, I had a meeting at church, then went to Ulta for a facial (spent some $ on product :D ) and then we went shopping for some plants. So by the time we got home, I was exhausted.

    My first workout was on Sunday and I did RAW Upper Body Blast and Kettlebell & DB's. We also went to visit DH's mother after church, and then went to Home Depot and then grocery shopping. Got home from all of that and proceeded to get some gardening done. Overall busy weekend, but it was very productive. This morning was RAW Boxing & Sculpting. I guess I'm still wanting to work out with Kelly, and these RAW workouts are so fun.

    Tami, Great job on all your workouts! I hope that your golf was not in the rain, that sounds worse than riding your bike in that COLD rain. By the way that rain sounded horrible. With rain hitting you skin at speed, I'm sure that it was like hail. Good for you on the Step Boss purchase. I'm going to hold off of that one. I will wait for all the wonderful reviews that you and Laurel will be giving, and then I will be sad that I didn't purchase it. :D We have been having that same type of weather, it was really cold yesterday morning. Although this morning there was a lovely cool breeze going, so we opened up windows. So far we have not had to turn on our AC.

    Thelma, Nice job on the barre workout. Glad to hear that you received the predicted rain, I'm sure that the nature around you appreciated it. LOL I really do need to get better with pictures. I was looking at some of the Iris's that I planted, and wanted to take a pic of them. The same Iris's that I planted in two different places are different in color. The ones that are close to the walnut tree are paler than the ones I planted by our garage. I found that interesting that the PH of the soil would change the color so much. Now I will have to take a pic, just so you all can see the difference. ;)

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! I survived the visit from my in-laws! :) Actually it was a nice visit, and they seem to be doing much better than they were last year when they visited us in Alaska, especially my MIL who could barely walk last year. I was able to show them a couple of independent living places here near Huntsville, but I think they have definitely decided on moving to Missouri. They didn’t like how big and busy Huntsville has gotten since they lived here 54 years ago (when DH was born). And it looks like they might have sold their house, so that move may be coming up quickly.

    I went from a house full of people yesterday to being alone for the week as DH is on his way to Salt Lake City. Being the loner I am, I think I might enjoy the peace for a little while. B) I do have the guys coming to put my shower door up tomorrow, so hopefully that project will be done this week as well.

    I worked out each day my in-laws were here. For the last three days of last week, I repeated the LIHI upper body workouts and did a Cathe Live lower body workout. I also did low impact cardio those days since my workout area is just above the guest room. On Saturday I did After Burn. Yesterday, starting high reps week, I did LITE Pyramid Pump Lower Body followed by XT All Out Low Impact HiiT. Today was LITE Pyramid Pump Upper Body followed by a higher impact :D workout....Cathe Live Cardio Core Blast. The rest of the week I plan to stick a little closer to the plan I mapped out....but will probably substitute one or both of the leg workouts with Live workouts. We’ll see.

    Erika, congratulations to your son and his Lacrosse team. Bet he was very happy about that. I love the sound of your new rotation combining two fantastic programs. Cathe still messes up during her Live workouts. I actually got a chance to tell her at the Road Trip that one of the things I like about Live is the ‘real-ness’ of them. She said not everybody likes that aspect...and some days I don’t either. I definitely prefer more even counting doing weights, though. Anyhow, hope the bathroom project is going well. You have my sympathies with the mess. :o Ours has been a tiny project and even then..... :# .

    Tami, hope you enjoyed the golf event this weekend and the weather wasn’t too bad. Sounds like your weather has been all over the place. :o Congratulations on buying Step Boss. I think you will definitely love the PHA workout, especially if it is like her Live one where she added cardio blasts (and it sounds similar to that workout, except she will most likely be using the step for the blasts as opposed to the floor as she did in her Live class). But there was no choreography at all. So I expect things like Power 15s, or box jumps or stuff like that....not turn here, sashay backwards, hop over and twirl stuff. :D I think the IMAX one will also be really good. Great workouts as always!!

    Thelma, one day closer to your appointment. Hope you are doing okay. Erika gave you a good suggestion with gluten. Hopefully you will get some answers soon. Like you, we have had rain since last Wednesday (timed almost perfectly with the arrival of my in-laws). It had been so nice to get the moisture because, like you, I was starting to get a little worried about fires. Hopefully we will be in a pattern for more rain for the rest of the summer. We planted many of our plants in April, and I will tell you.....these tomatoes we are getting off them are SO good. Thankfully we planted lots of tomatoes. :) Great job with your workouts.

    Laurie, sounds like a busy but good weekend. Sounds like the RAW workouts are going wonderfully. I definitely would not have enjoyed a day of training on my feet all day unless we were moving. Standing is about the worst thing for my back, that’s for sure. Glad you were able to work on your garden this weekend.

    Off to clean the house. See you tomorrow!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,428Member Member Posts: 1,428Member Member
    Hi Ladies, I hope you all had a nice weekend. I'm falling apart! My fingers are now swelling up. I have the feeling this is part of Raynaud's syndrome. I am achy and tired. I've been waking up with swollen fingers and it goes down during the day but it comes back at night again. Forget about wearing rings or lifting weights! My hand strength is pretty bad due to the swelling.

    I picked up a regional medical directory magazine at the pharmacy and discovered that there is a rheumatologist in BR. She only comes here twice a month. They offered me an appointment for July 22! I can't wait that long so I took an appointment in her Atlanta office next week. I hope I won't get lost! I told DH to send a search party out for me if I don't make it back home. I think it will take me 1 1/2 hours to get to the clinic.

    We walked a little bit during the weekend and discovered a wonderful seafood restaurant in a neighboring town. The drugstore in this town is also a gun store! Only in the South! LOL. Next time we go to that restaurant we'll have to check out the drug/gun store!
    On Friday we tried to register my car but didn't have the lender's account number so we'll try tomorrow.

    Today's workouts were Gentle Yoga and Barre.

    Tami, I hope playing golf in the rain wasn't too bad! Great job with your workouts! Your weather sounds like a New England spring!

    Laurie, I can't believe you had to be on your feet all day long for that training! No wonder you were in pain! Great workouts!

    Interesting about your irises being different shades of purple. I'll be waiting for those pictures! LOL

    Laurel, glad you survived your in-laws' visit! I hope your shower is finally completed this week too! Fabulous workouts!!

    I am eagerly waiting for next week to come since I have GI and rheumatology appointments.
    We got a lot of rain since last Wednesday but the rainiest day was Saturday. DH said it rained pretty hard this morning but I was at the yoga studio so I missed it. We are surrounded by jungle so I was very worried about fires.
    I hope we get rain a few times a week going forward. Tomatoes off the vine are really good. Are you making spaghetti sauce with all those tomatoes?

    Hi Erika!

    Have a great day ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I did RAW Hips & Glutes and Body Revolution Workout 1. Since we are going to be gone at the end of June for our vacation in Wichita, I'm trying to find some good workouts that I can have on my ipad. I think that RAW and Jillian will be my best options. The hotel has a really nice workout room, so I'm going to take advantage of it.

    Laurel, Glad to hear that the visit with your in-laws went well. Nice that they may have sold there house in FL also. Is the area in Missouri not that busy? Great job on all your workouts, and of course doing ones that where not high impact. I can understand you not wanting to disturb your guests. Sounds like you will be enjoying your alone time right now, do enjoy it. I have veered from the rotation lately, and with me wanting to make sure that I get in some good workouts during our vacation, I have been experimenting. I have my RAW and Jillian apps on my ipad, and since those both use minimal equipment, I think they will be the best options.

    Thelma, Dang on the health issues that you are having to deal with, I hope that your appointment with your new doctor goes really well. Just to bad that you have to drive so far. LOL about the drugstore/gun store. Great job on your yoga, I'm sure that you are happy to have that option for working out. The Iris's are actually yellow, I got them from my Aunt. Yesterday when I got home all the stems where on the ground from the high winds that we had all day. I'm sure that I will be able to get some pictures, since the darker colored ones still have buds on them.

    Have a great day!
  • fitzfourfitzfour Posts: 1,204Member Member Posts: 1,204Member Member
    Hi Ladies!

    We're surviving the bathroom re-model and hopefully nearing the end. Day 2 on the master bath is today and day 3 (hoping the final day) is tomorrow. I have to get back to work tomorrow though, so hopefully they aren't here all day. Very tough to be on the phone all the time when there are people going in and out, machines running, etc. We are very happy with the boys bathroom and the floors are in in our bathroom, which look amazing. I'm very glad we went ahead with the remodel, despite all of the headache. It's also prompted us to finally set up a painter to come in and paint the walls. This paint is original to the home (20 years old), so it is much needed! One last project is to install a vent above the stove for a vent hood. We have a center island with no vent hood, so everytime we cook anything that requires frying (ie. bacon, stir fry, etc) the smoke alarms go off as we have a split home and the smoke immediately goes to the upstairs hallway smoke alarm. After that project, we are done for some time!

    I missed pretty much every day of working out last week due to the contractors being here. I have to keep the dogs out of their way and Leo isn't able to free roam with the other 2 (he's still working on potty training) so he has to be kenneled. Let's just say, he doesn't care to be kenneled. I figured I'd spare the contractors the sound like a dog was dying while I work out. By the time my hubby gets home at night, dinner is done and I've let my stomach settle, it's bedtime. Hopefully this week I can get back in the groove.

    Thelma, I'm sorry you are having so many symptoms...the swelling sounds horrible! I wouldn't be shocked if you have Celiac (or even just a sensitivity). Since so many people in my husbands family have one or the other, we've learned that each person's symptoms are different. My nephew had none at all...they just tested him because we had a couple others in the family that had tested positive (after having some major symptoms). My son had no symptoms, my husband had a few. It's at least easy to test and hopefully you'll get some answers. Glad you are getting in some nice workouts and glad you are getting the much needed rain there. We can send you more if you need it!

    Laurie, I'm with you...we don't need anymore rain, but it's ok. Could be worse, I guess. I also have noticed the mosquitoes are out early this year and the gnats are insane here!! I'm going to look into those RAW workouts again. I looked last time I had the Cathe Live membership and it was just too much all at once. But, I'm craving some KCM again!!

    Laurel, I'm glad to hear the visit with the in laws was good and you were able to get your workouts in! I'm going to be glad when this bathroom project is's amazing how long it takes and ours isn't even a full gut job! Hopefully you get your shower doors in and yours can get wrapped up soon! Ahh, that facial sounds amazing...I am craving one of those...I've only ever had one, but it was so relaxing!

    Tami, I'm glad you are staying so busy at work...I bet that makes the days fly by! We are continuing to stay a bit slower (by slow, that means steady throughout an 8 hour day instead of enough work for 13 hours, crammed into a day) which I am really enjoying. I took 2 days off last week and was able to catch up within a few hours, which made me feel better about taking the day off. Your class with Katy sounds absolutely horrible and great at the same time! I still may consider the Peloton...if we ever get done with projects! :)

    Hopefully I'm back on yet this week. Things are much more manageable activity wise (only 1 sports activity per week for the summer) so I should be able to get on here more frequently.


  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,732Member Member Posts: 2,732Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Well, no shower guy today. :| At least he called to let me know. Hopefully tomorrow though. But at least I got a good workout in. :D I started with Cathe Live Oh My Quad then did Cathe Live Warrior Kickboxing. Like Laurie with the RAW workouts, I am in the mood for Cathe Live, so I think I may be focusing on them the rest of the week. Of course, my mood may change tomorrow and I will be back to DVDs. :p

    Thelma, yikes on the hand swelling! I am so glad you have some appointments next week to get some answers on what is going on. You had me laughing at the Drug and Gun Store. :D We have a few stores like that here in Alabama. I haven’t had enough tomatoes to make sauce yet, but I plan on it when they really start producing. I want some fresh sauce in the freezer for the winter. I also hope to make some fresh salsa. :p I am definitely going to have a tough time going back to store tomatoes after this summer.

    Laurie, sounds like another good workout. I love that you are already planning for your trip. I also love that you are going with workouts you want to be doing. That is exactly how I am trying to approach my workouts this summer as well. I find it is nice for me to have a ‘guide’ so that I at least have some focus. That keeps me from either doing the same workout six days in a row......and also keeps me from staring endlessly at my workouts wondering what to do. B) I am definitely planning on enjoying the quiet time I have today since I don’t have anybody coming to work on the house. I should probably run errands, but I think I may just read a book. :)

    Erika, glad to hear the bathroom project continues to go well and you are happy with the decision. But I agree about the noise and the distraction it creates. I will be so glad when this is done as our little project has now eaten into six weeks! :o After the door gets in place, we will still need construction workers in to replace the base boards and repaint some damaged areas....but at least we will have a shower again. I never imagined this would take this long!

    Tami, hope you are well!

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,304Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,304Member, Premium Member
    Hi ladies and Happy Tuesday! :) What happened to Monday?!!? :D

    Workouts: Friday after work was a nice Peloton “Feel Good Ride” (don’t let the description fool you … lol), Saturday I did a 45 min Peloton ride in the a.m. before having to leave for the golf tourney, which was FREEZING, windy and rainy most of the day. We were there from 11 – 7 pm because of the 2 hour fundraiser after the golf. Looooooong day. :s Sunday I did Ramped Up Upper Body + Peloton 30 min “Feel Good” ride. Yesterday was BootCamp after work. It was a good class, not over the top and no running. Her class attendance is going down a lot due to the nice weather I think. Of course after the tourney on Sunday it was a perfect weather day and is continuing all week. My friend Ashley and I are headed out for a sunshine ride after work. Probably around the lake again.

    Laurie: Your Friday sounds like a very long day at work, glad you survived the training and hopefully re-cooped over the weekend. The facial and new products sounds like a perfect way to “heal up” from the long day Friday. LOL Excellent job getting in your RAW workout Sunday and it sounds like a nice combo. Always love upper body and KB combined. I think it’s great that you have found some workouts that you are simply loving right now. Of course with Kelly that makes it pretty easy. Nicely done. The golf (as I mentioned above) was in the rain and my feet were wet immediately so I was cold ALL day. I did bring a change of clothes and shoes/socks so that helped but the fundraiser is also outside in a covered porch area off the clubhouse. DH insisted we stay to the end. OMG, such a long day. I have my fingers crossed that I don’t regret the Step Boss purchase last week. As I told Thelma, at least if there are 2 of the 3 I can conquer and enjoy that is good. LOL

    Laurel: So happy to hear you survived the in-laws visit and all went well. “Nice even” I bet you are enjoying your quiet time at home now by yourself while DH is gone. Way to work every day even while they were there visiting by the way. Oooooooh Afterburn …. A blast from the recent past but feels like such a long time since I did that one. Along with so many others. :# So good. Way to go on all your combos you continue to put together. I need to plan out the rest of my workouts this week. Since we have a tentative itinerary that you were so kind to give me I try to plan out which ones I will do and what days. At any rate, I need to just get that plugged in the rest of the week and stick to it. As I mentioned to Laurie, I really hope I do like the Step Boss. I think the PHA one will be awesome forsure, I love athletic based step workouts vs. dancy/choreography and after I read the description for the IMAX one it sounded like at least there was a modification for basic choreography, so that should be perfect. Our weather has definitely been all over the place. Today it is mid 80’s and beautiful. Will continue through the next week they say and climbing temps! Headed out for a bike ride with my friend from the gym again. No rain tonight.

    Thelma: I am so sorry you are continuing to have symptoms which are probably all inter-connected somehow to everything going on. Can’t wait for you to have some relief. Despite it all getting in your Yoga is probably so beneficial forsure mentally and physically so way to push on through it when you can.

    Hi Erika ~ Sounds like a very busy time for you as well. Yes, time goes by so much faster with the work load being heavier. Just doing whatever I can to help out our busy title officers. Would love to learn more but that will come one of these days.

    Have a great afternoon/evening ladies. Talk to you tomorrow! Tami

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