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    Anyone no posts since the 27th
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    Ke22yB wrote: »
    Anyone no posts since the 27th

    Yup...not sure why there are so many lags here. I'm still hanging in, but mostly lurking these days. Nice to see you're still going strong.

    Hope everyone's well <3
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    Happy Halloween everyone! I'll be handing out candy to all the little ghouls tonight. Usually I'd definitely be indulging in the wine but not this year. Working hard on my health and fitness goals and they don't include alcohol. The rest of the candy is going to have to go to my husband's office with him tomorrow morning. I can't have that here tempting me. Have a fun evening, All!
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    Good morning friends! I took a well needed day off today. I'm really happy! I also weaned myself off of any meds I was on for my vertigo but anti-depressant as well. I want to start fresh and try to improve my health naturally. I've kept drinking to a minimum because when I thin I can have ONE drink, it turns into four. The brain switch never turns off. It's just so much easier not to start with a sip- just abstain. Wishing you a great day! <3
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    @laurenq1991 drinking makes me horribly depressed too🤪 of course the first few seem to lift my mood but as the night rolls on forget it I just feel so down and down for days after too,yup good reason for us to avoid it,hope all are well💖

    Me, too. I get anxious feelings the day or two after I drink. My nerves feel shaky as well. It's so not worth the few hours of mind numbing alcohol.
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    For those struggling, please reach out when the urge hits...whether it is to a friend who supports your sobriety or this thread or watching a Craig Beck/Annie Grace video....or some other resource that has been mentioned here. Even PM someone here rather than post it publicly if that's easier. It just may help you to resist the least it will give you a pause between the urge and the act and may be enough of a lag to lose the urge.

    I rarely feel the need to watch a video, but did daily for the first 6 months of my struggle, sometimes twice or more daily if needed. It was like I needed to reprogram my brain and when I look back, it is like my sobriety became my 2nd job. At times it was a lot of work, but 17 months later it feels like this is my new way of life. The last really strong urge was when my bro died 3.5 months ago. I am SO glad that I reached out on this thread then cause if I hadn't I may be still struggling today.

    Hope everyone has a happy, AF day <3

    Congrats on 17 months ! You are a fighter, a motivator, a friend and an inspiration!
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    Thought I would share some resources that I found helpful.

    When I first decided to stop drinking, I found a short PDF of a book online called Tired of Thinking About Drinking, by Belle Robertson. Link to PDF: TOTAD - March 2016/[PDF] Belle - Tired of Thinking About Drinking - May 17-16.pdf. I also subscribed to receive daily emails with stories, ideas, tools, and strategies about not drinking from the author. I find that I really relate to the content of most of these emails. They are typically a quick read. Link to site:
    The next book I read was The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober, by C. Gray. And most recently, This Naked Mind, by A. Grace.

    I would love to know of any books or blogs etc. you found inspiring or helpful.