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    RubyRed I am on womenforsoberity but a few months ago they changed their forum and it's just not as user friendly as it was before so I quit going on there, you might like it tho if you try🤷🏻‍♀️
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    was just asking advise on the other alcohol thread if I should pay all my credit cards or just a few,I'm not making hardly any money so the little I do make has to go for household bills,it's giving me anxiety,have a great AF day all💗

    If you pay the money on the credit card, not only do you save the interest, but the money's there on the card to spend if things get tight.

    Good advice and I have paid on the visa and MasterCard but I have a couple of department store cards that I'm thinking of just letting go to collections,this is frustrating and I dunno what to do 😭
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    @FeelinFooFoo Sounds like a good plan to get off the meds in light of long-term side effects. You Tube has lots of Mindfulness Meditations for sleep (not the hypnosis ones though) I've used them to nod off & it's free. Just a thought. I like how you keep conscious of the down side of alcohol...I think that's important to remember.

    @Whitpauly You are a good woman buying that little old lady her vino LOL

    I am happy that everyone is doing well <3