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Thoughts on the “glamourizing/normalizing” obesity vs body positivity conversations



  • gracegettingittogether
    No, you are mistaken. I’m not in a circle where mask wearing is discouraged.

    I do have family members with OCD and anxiety which have shot through the roof during this while gaining weight. I see them panicking over Covid to the point of neurosis, and not even thinking of actions which could mitigate Covid, if they do get it.

    I know of many people whose anxiety and depression have skyrocketed, including me, while listening to the news and officials. I am tired of people focusing on things out of their control such as the actions of others and not on actions we can take ourselves. Yes, mask wearing and social distancing, but also losing weight. Mask wearing will help to slow the spread and weight loss to lessen the severity.

    I have lost a significant amount of weight, with more to go. I am even so, still obese. I can’t understand why people keep thinking that I am blaming obese people. What benefit of the doubt are you speaking of? Why is it blaming anyone to point out that there are things we can do ourselves to lessen the severity of Covid?

    Did I say that fat people are to blame for everything that is evil? Why would I be blaming others for what I do myself? Can I still say that those actions are not helpful and help but not cause the overwhelming of the healthcare system? Absolutely. It is important to state the truth, however inconvenient or unpleasant.

    Absolutely lockdowns are caused by official actions. Everyone who has lost their job or business because of them knows this.

    There is wide spread fear, anxiety and depression, even if not in your circle. Look up the rates of suicide. I think we should be promoting ways to control the feeling of helplessness that overwhelm so many, instead of neglecting ways to help us manage Covid.