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    I think I actually got sick in the past less than I thought and was attributing some allergy things to colds, as I haven't noticed much of a difference this year, even though I don't think I ever got covid and I spent most of the year working from home and socially distancing and wearing a mask.
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    This Delta (former India??) variant is shaping up to make for a long winter in the USA the way it is popping up in states with low vaccination rates.
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    A coronavirus outbreak hit a Florida government building. Two people are dead but a vaccinated employee wasn't infected

    "The clinical presentation gives me concern that we're dealing with a very infectious variant that is quite deadly," Hopes told Burnett.
    "Clearly masks work, but the vaccine is more important at this point," Hopes said."

    This is the only comment about this article because I don't want to start a heated discussion. But why, why, did six people had to get infected and two people had to died when vaccines are available and masks have been recommended for un-vaccinated people?

    In case your question is not rhetorical - those who follow Florida politics know the answer to that. Since we can't discuss politics in the main forum, I cannot elaborate.

    Amen to that! I am still sad for the two people that died and the family that they left behind. I hope that the other four infected people get well soon and without lingering side effects.
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    I understand reasoning for those who wear masks and those who do not. Does anyone understand the person that walks around the store wearing a mask under their chin?

    I often wear a mask under my chin outside so I can pull it up if I go inside. So I assume that, and they forgot (or they did it to pull it up if required and maybe it wasn't required). A guy in my office building was scolded by a security person for not wearing a mask in the lobby and claimed (he was likely from the 'burbs) that he was used to thinking he needed a mask to go in places but kept finding it wasn't required so forgot. Seems plausible enough, he didn't object to putting it on when learning the rules. (I don't think he worked in the building, he was going to a title company with lots of people who visit for a closing.)
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    @lemurcat2 and @gisel2015 Logical explanations. The other person that wore it strangely was encountered in dollartree. I will call it "riding the lip". She had it under the nose and against her lip so that it moved up and down as she talked. But unlike Gisel's case, she was the only cashier and near every person that made a purchase. I have to assume that her mask is to fulfill employee requirements and not for personal protection.
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    I have a friend who I walk our dogs with every weekend & her Dr told her since she had cancer to wear a mask at all times. I stated going back to the gym about 3 weeds ago which required masks but a few days ago it was no longer required so it was 50 50. I usually go when there's not many ppl anyway so I didn't wear a mask but do when there's more ppl, it's never crowded though