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    Whew! I caught up with reading posts! I have only gotten behind once or twice in the past; getting behind is a good reminder for how busy and chatty we all are! lol
    My gyn results were good. No abnormalities. The result of the heart exams was stress. She (the doc) gave me some "homework. Share my childcare plans with my husband and children, let them help, ask for help, walk daily, get back to swimming, give myself one full day of relaxation per week plus three weekday evenings of no work/housework. I am to work on this list of things to help ease the stress.

    More of you I wanted to reply to, but it will have to wait. Kids knock knocking on my door. (((Hugs))) ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)

    I'm not sure I could do that ... one full day of relaxation a week plus 3 weekday evenings?
    I think my brain would be making lists of things to do and yelling at me to get something done!

    What does relaxation look like to you?

    M in Oz

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    Pip – was that REALLY 7 years ago? Seven? Those pics still look as terrible (the shoulder, I mean)

    Karen – you have such a big heart! I wouldn’t doubt if that’s the reason you won the bid.

    Well, it was just Vince and myself bowling.

    Rebecca – I can’t get over how much we have all been thru together. Love you all.

    It was really raining before but it’s slowed down now.

    Michele NC

    Those pics were of the 1st break 7 years ago, cool looking I thought
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    Morning, y'all... I am in writer's procrastination mode, so apologies that I've not been responding here of late. I have been reading everyone's posts and with you in spirit, cross my heart! I always am.

    I've not allowed myself to write to you for a few days, because when I write to you, my weaselly little writer brain says, "OK, I've done my writing, let's go get some chores done!" Or read a book, or bake something, or absolutely anything but write. So far, not writing to you has not worked.

    So, I won't stay, but I will say, I'm here, no worries. Thank you all for the pictures of babies, happy birthdays for those who celebrate. On the medical side:

    Pip - good grief, I'm glad they've got you in PT.

    KJ - I'm glad you're getting good advice from the docs...

    Debbie - my first husband was in great physical shape, never smoked, did not drink, was not in a stressful job, and had his first heart attack at 47... purely from the genetics that killed almost every male in his family tree (the exception being his father, who died of lung cancer, still smoking the day he died). The heart attack didn't kill my ex, but his cholesterol was through the roof. Statins were the only thing that ever made an impact in bringing it down. To my knowledge, he is now 67, and hasn't had heart issues since he started taking them. Just info, use it as you wish. My mother's first heart attack was at 51 years old, and her father had a triple bypass at 65, so it stays at the forefront of my mind.

    My alarm just went off telling me to tell me my time with you is up (it's worth a shot, I'll try anything).

    Later, y'all,
    Love you (swear!)
    Lisa in AR

    That was the 1st break, not this recent one
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    Allie Love the picture with Grandpa.

    What a delightful picture of Atheana.

    M relaxation looks like resting on the couch with Drew and just letting my mind drift. It looks like sitting in a garden and soaking up all the smells, sounds, feelings, colors. It sounds like listening to soothing music like cello or meditation music. AHHH!

    Debbie learning more about me through trying to help DrewB. Glad to hear you are finding ways to relax.

    Read a good article about Leaky Gut in reference to dogs. We suffer many of the conditions as a result of an unhealthy gut. Yes stress does have an effect on our gut. Diet, toxins, wrong kind of bacterial growth, medications also can affect gut health.

    Our gut health is the foundation for the rest of our health. Building a healthy gut prevents illness and restores health.

    Her first advice was to Remove as many toxins as you can by behavior and by diet. In my spoiler yesterday that is what I am trying to do.
    Second Rebalance eliminate as much stress from your life that you can.
    Replenish with quality food and supplements.
    Restore gut with pre and probiotics from quality sources.
    Relax and give my body and Drew's body a chance to heal.

    Add a dollop of love by staring lovingly into Drew's eyes. The most potent medicine of all.

    I need to remember when restoring myself and Drew to health it is a marathon and not a race. It is an ongoing process and there is always something new to learn and or to reframe my way of thinking.

    Yesterday as my reward for filling my declutter bucket I did go fun shopping for the first time in a year. I had some TJ Max gift cards and our local TJ Max is moving so so what was left was 60%off. I got a pair of slip on boots for winter for $16 and a harness for $3 for DrewB that has angel wings to go with her rainbow costume for Halloween. I tried them on yesterday. They were so fun. They flapped when she ran. When I put them on her again I will try to get a picture.

    I am going to stick to stickers now for my keeping track of decluttering because it takes up less space. My goal is decluttering is to create more space so stickers fit this mind set.

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    Back to enjoying coffee again, my life slowly resetting.
    Had an interesting dream about youngest son visiting. It was pleasant to see him, if only in my dream. Woke up wanting to sleep more!
    Shopping today at commissary. Been awhile since I have gone. Should be interesting what my appetite picks up, as I didn't write much on the list, just stuff Lee needs.
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    Karen thanks for the feedback! It was exactly as much as I wanted to know! I am going to join the one in the area in which we live. I have lots of gifts for people if they want them!!

    💞 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota
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    Jeannie - Sometimes I think it's hard for people to imagine what being the Family Keeper of the Stuff entails. It isn't so much a choice as it is being herded into the role by one death after another, and being The Responsible One. Because of my career, I have never had adequate time, energy, and the proper mindset to devote to divesting and disposing of the family items until now. It's a gargantuan task, but no more gargantuan than moving a rock pile one wheelbarrow a day, or washing a vinyl fence one panel a day, or training for a charity marathon, or moving one's elderly mother through the maze of the system from one state to another, or relocating in an RV from the West Coast to the Midwest, or holding down 3 jobs, writing a book, dealing with health issues, being a caretaker, running a home-based business, etc., etc., etc., as women in this group have modeled. If I keep plugging away, it will get done. I'm lucky I don't have to sell the house in order to move to the retirement community. That gives me the time and calm I need to perform the Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning to my satisfaction.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Page 10 but eyes are blurry so have to stop.
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    Karen-can you remind me please what type of community you are moving to? Is it 55 plus rentals or something different?

    Plugging along here. Worked most of today. Went out for my first walk since surgery last Wednesday. Just went around the block-a little over .5 mile. Took me about 16 minutes so embarassingly slow-or maybe pretty good for my current status? At any rate-was good to be out. Won't do much more than that for the next few days.

    I did see my back yard neighbor. Her husband is now in a nursing home. He had a stroke a couple of years ago, then last year he fell down basement stairs (nothing broken). He has Parkinson's. She said she hopes his heart will give up before he can't swallow. What a terrible position. He was always so active. They have always been such a devoted couple. She was almost apologetic when she said he got to the point where she couldn't care for him-I affirmed to her I believe she did the right thing-he needs the right care. Sad times.

    Icing my sore spot and watching some ty-that's what relaxing looks like to me tonight!

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
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    Karen - you hit the nail on the head..I walk into this condo every day and it is a mess,I am exhausted by the time i get back from taking care of Miles and i dont even know where to start.. I have collected stuff..I should listen to George Carlin again and listen to his speel about Stuff..im ready to get rid of some ,but would like to make a little bit of money on some of it. The rest im good with throwing out or giving away..
    The bathroom and the hall closet that i cleaned out and rearranged has stayed clean amazingly.. so I have to do that with the rest of the place..
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    Ginny -

    It's a 62+ rental retirement community with assisted living, dementia, and skilled nursing available if/when needed. It is pay as you go. We will be in independent living in an apartment. I'll attach the floor plan. It's spacious.

    The place we walked away from the bait-and-switch had a Prepaid Lifecare Contract, which was a much bigger up-front commitment.

    In 2 years, if we choose to, we can move from the rental retirement community to a new apartment with a Lifecare Contract in another location, as we have put a refundable deposit to hold our place there until the apartment is built.

    It is my opinion that end-of-life care is the best at the facility that we may move to in a couple of years, but the rental 62+ community we move to next month is a close second for end-of-life care, I believe. Completely different financial model.

    The thing is, if you drop dead of a heart attack in independent living, it makes no sense to pay up front for end-of-life skilled care. On the other hand, if you live to be 100 and the last 10 years are in dementia care, it gets very expensive to pay as you go and inflation is an issue. It's hard to know what is best. I tend to think renting and pay-as-you-go makes sense, but the current economy and inflation trends are discouraging. Who knows?

    The floor plan is reversed because that is the orientation of the unit we will be moving into:


    Karen in Virginia