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  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Member Posts: 5,564 Member Member Posts: 5,564 Member
    We finally got the official announcement about the Chicago Marathon cancelling. I think we all knew it would happen and were waiting to finally get the official announcement.

    I saw that and thought of you.
  • cmriversidecmriverside Member Posts: 30,200 Member Member Posts: 30,200 Member
    nm. Don't feel like defending that.
    edited July 13
  • lynn_glenmontlynn_glenmont Member Posts: 8,046 Member Member Posts: 8,046 Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Fuzzipeg wrote: »
    While out this morning, (UK) a fellow customer was heard asking, " what is social distancing". How many weeks have we been living with virus related restrictions?

    I feel for our US friends, I'm in a county where there have been no deaths since the 15th of June, long may it last and happen in more areas. Too much to hope the virus will disappear overnight everywhere.

    I think we need "America/Britain/Polynesia/etc.'s Got Talent" to feature performers who explain social distancing and mask use, and a "Bachelor/Batchelorette" who quizes potential mates about coronavirus precautions, and . . . . ;)

    Or maybe the Masked Singer could explain it ... to music.
  • T1DCarnivoreRunnerT1DCarnivoreRunner Member Posts: 10,799 Member Member Posts: 10,799 Member
    Pre-print study on how long antibodies last.
    It's probably only a few months. Those people having Covid parties didn't even get much benefit.
  • GaleHawkinsGaleHawkins Member Posts: 7,887 Member Member Posts: 7,887 Member

    Hong Kong did an awesome job of limiting the first wave of the virus yet this second wave news does not sound good for those of us where the first wave is still increasing.
  • oocdc2oocdc2 Member Posts: 1,287 Member Member Posts: 1,287 Member

    Hong Kong did an awesome job of limiting the first wave of the virus yet this second wave news does not sound good for those of us where the first wave is still increasing.

    Maybe it's all relative--I do work in NJ, where they report 200-300 new cases daily--but I wouldn't say 40 new cases is "roaring" back, as the graph suggests. I think they can tighten up restrictions without the hysteric language.

    It is troubling that they can't explain the jump.
  • moonangel12moonangel12 Member, Premium Posts: 732 Member Member, Premium Posts: 732 Member
    I don't know who's worse, MSN, NYT, CNN or Fox.

    They are all selling something, so there's that. I suspect online stories are based on I wouldn't think they are necessarily good sources to read. So. Much. Drama.

    I agree 100%! I want facts, let me interpret them and add my own emotions... I don’t want numbers spun to make me feel what you want me to feel.

    A guy at my husband’s work is convinced this will disappear after the election. people actually think a WORLDWIDE pandemic is all because of OUR national election. I had heard about that theory circulating, but this is the first IRL example we have had.
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Member Posts: 1,768 Member Member Posts: 1,768 Member
    Our case numbers in Washington state continue to rise at a rate of 500-700 per day, and of course that is only the people who have symptoms and get tested but not the large number of untested carriers on any given day.

    Population = 10 million
    Number of tests completed = 708,000
    Positive = 41,757
    Rate of positives = 5.9% (same as it's been all along)
    Percent of Deaths per positive cases = 3.4% (also about the same)
    New Hospitalizations around 40 or fewer per day
    Deaths averaging 4-6 per day

    The hospitalizations and deaths are down to lower levels than in early days. There are a lot of reasons why this is so and of course it could rocket up at any time, but that is our reality here today.

    I took this from the dashboard with lots of info from our DOH in Washington state:

    Probably no one here cares much about our little corner, but it's a hopeful sign to me.

    I care. My dd lives in Seattle. Thank you for sharing that info!!
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