5'6 - 5'7 before and after pics please!



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    I'm actually 5'8 but close enough, I'm at 195 right now so I'm looking at these photos with admiration!!!!!! Good work ladies. I hope to add my photo here next.
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    And all this just by counting calories?
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    @gen1917 🏅🏅🏅 Fabulous - all the best for maintenance! X
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    Congrats @gen1917 :)
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    @gen1917 you look gorgeous! Best tips?
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    gen1917 wrote: »
    I just reached my goal today, down 136 pounds. I'm 5'6. :)


    Fantasti, I have the same goal, but right at half way!
    Great job!
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    I am 5'6 and I went from 182.2 to 134.5 in 16 monthstokvoznh0g7w.jpg

    I am exactly your height and your previous weight. I am so so inspired by you. Can you please tell me how you achieved this awesome feat? Thank you 😊
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    I am 5’7 and currently 174. This represents a 68 lb loss with 19 more to go.

    Your post just gave me life goals!!! You look terrific!

    Amazing, congratulations