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  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,794 Member Member Posts: 1,794 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Cardio Ball Blast, Butts & Guts Overall Legs
    and Revive and Restore Yoga. The Cardio ball workout is really good. I used a 5lb KB instead of the soft yoga ball. I got a good ab workout.
    My arms were killing during the Butts & Guts workout warmup. She swings that big stability ball from side to side and up/down! You get a good workout right out of the gate!

    I found out today that one of our 4 supermarkets went out of business due to the pandemic. Another supermarket has empty shelves because they are having a hard time getting inventory! People think it's because there a lot of tourists in town buying food and also because it's now the only supermarket not requiring masks. The supermarket we go to require masks but the rule can't be enforced so there are customers without masks.

    Laurie, great workout today!
    I'm happy with the 4DS workouts. The step workouts can be done on the floor so I would do that until my knee is better. I can't wait for Cathe's new program!

    Erika, good job getting a workout after such crazy work day! 4 hour office meeting! Those are the most boring meetings ever! At least you were home. Sorry you didn't like the Shift Shop Strength program. Thanks for the offer to gift it to one of us. I'm not interested. For me the beat Beach Body workout I have is Body Beast. I find it safe and effective.

    It was a long trip to Cabela's. It would've been a good experience if we hadn't had to wait so long. I prefer REI but I don't think they have those stores around here.
    We don't have a mask mandate

    Laurel, great workouts today!
    I think you should incorporate one of those 4DS circuit premixes into the new rotation! I can't believe we start the new rotation on Sunday!!
    I ham not handy at all but DG like your husband just know how to fix things. He says he learned on his own too. How about connected all those different devices together? OMG! You should see the setups DH has!
    I was on Facebook this afternoon checking our town news when I came across this post and I just had to take a screenshot for you!

    Goodnight ladies!
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  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,830 Member Member Posts: 2,830 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    I guess we are really into August, because the mornings are just so perfect. I hope that it continues. This morning was Day 6 of the challenge. This one was kickboxing, and I had to hit the easy button on this one. Jillian lets you rate how hard the workout was so that the app can adjust the intensity for the next time. We will see if the intensity increases for next week. ;) It wasn't a bad workout, but I think it could use more kicking.

    Erika, Dang on the 4 hour meeting. Sorry to hear that the Shift Shop workouts are not working for you. Dang on the workout being to easy. Have you decided what you will be going to next? Yes I'm really loving this weather, it is so perfect. I think the opposition is more toward the way our governor says that he isn't going to do a mandate and then the next day does the mandate. He has done this 4 times, and no one is prepared for handling the changes as quickly as he puts out the mandate. Just saw that Kelly is shipping out her workouts tomorrow!

    Laurel, Great job on the lower body, cardio and walk! Funny thing, but I don't have indoor plants because I tend to kill them. I rely on mother nature to take care of the majority of my outdoor plants. I baby them until I know for sure that they have established themselves. That is the workout that I'm looking forward to a lot. I to would love to improve my mobility. Since my knee has not been bothering me as much, my mobility has improved some.

    Thelma, Awesome job on your workouts! Dang on the supermarkets closing, we have had a few that had the same outcome recently. They are ones that I didn't frequent all that much, but I feel for them. One that I was really bummed about was a Ben Franklin, they had been in business for over 50 years. LOL about the screen shot.

    Have a great day!
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  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,089 Member Member Posts: 3,089 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Cathe Live Burn Sets Biceps and Triceps Heavy Weights followed by Cathe Live Cardio Core Plateau Buster. DH is at work today for the first time since he has been back, so I took the opportunity since we are supposed to get hot weather this weekend to get the lawn mowed. I really couldn’t see not doing it today when the weather was so nice only for him to suffer with it this weekend. Besides, we have plenty else to do in the yard on the weekend. :)

    Thelma, great workouts! Thank you for the recommendation in the 4DS circuit workout. I will look to see where we should fit it in. It won’t be next week since I am aiming for more metabolic/lighter workouts next week. But maybe the second or third ‘circuit’ week. That Facebook post is perfect....and says it all! I am sorry to hear about your supermarkets. We haven’t seen too many closures yet, but I think they will be coming. But I am surprised how many empty shelves there are in all the stores. As DH pointed out, it is probably due, in part, to trucks/trains being needed for higher priority items, but I don’t think that is all of it. I would be lying if those empty shelves isn’t one of the reasons we bought a freezer.

    Laurie, great workout. That is really interesting that she is taking feedback like that to modify the workouts. What a great idea. Enjoy your cooler weather. It has been a near perfect week here for the first week in August, but that is going to change a bit over the weekend. I don’t mind....since it is still August. Of course last year our hottest weather came in late September/early October so who knows what will happen next month. But it has been a pretty tame summer for sure. It is funny you mention the Ben Franklin closing. We had one in North Pole, Alaska that has probably been there forever. DH mentioned when he came home they are going out of business, which makes me sad. It also makes me wonder if all Ben Franklin stores are closing.

    Enjoy the day.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,794 Member Member Posts: 1,794 Member
    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were JS Kickboxing Cardio Abs, Yoga Hamstrings Blast and Pyramid Pump Upper Body.

    Laurie, good job with the kickboxing workout. Does Jillian teach the classes or is it computer generated images?

    I never shopped at the supermarket that went out of business. There have also been some restaurants that have gone out of business here. How sad about that Ben Franklin business!
    The screenshot is life around here! LOL

    Laurel, another winning combo! Great job! We are going to warm up during the weekend too!
    I love the idea of lighter metabolic workouts next week because I've been feeling tired this week.
    Some of my friends think that we are going to have shortages of food as we get closer to the election so it's a great that you bought the freezer.

    Have a great week ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,830 Member Member Posts: 2,830 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Busy Friday so this may be short. This morning was Day 7 and a yoga day. It was very good, but the flow was a little different. Overall the week has been really good, and I'm looking forward to next week.

    Laurel, Great job on your workouts and getting that lawn mowed on a nice day. Very sad that the Ben Franklin franchise might be gone. I just loved roaming around there, and they had such nice material and yarn. I will have to get there before they close completely. We are suppose to go to a car show this weekend, but I think that I will be staying home. Just to much to get done around the house. DH can enjoy it, I'm just not wanting to have to wear a mask if I can help it. :D

    Thelma, Love the workouts! The app takes "moves" that Jillian has filmed, and then you do that move for a certain amount of time. They last from 20 to 60 seconds. The yoga workout she was having me hold the pose for 30 seconds. So depending on the move and what intensity you chose, she gives you a workout. You can also generate your own workout depending on what you want to work. It actually is one of the better apps that I have purchased.

    Have a great weekend!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,089 Member Member Posts: 3,089 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Cathe Live Burn Sets Back, Chest and Shoulders Heavy Weight, core from Muscle Max and a 45 minute spin with Peloton. Felt good today.

    Thelma, great workouts! I do think lighter weights will feel good next week after the heavier work this week for sure. My legs felt like they were cycling through cement during my spin workout today which is a sure sign that a little recovery is in order. While I haven’t seen too many issues with food supply here aside from the fact there are a few items in the store that just don’t seem to be coming back, one of the things that has my eyebrows raised and wondering about the supply chain is that we haven’t had a single roll of paper towel in our Publix in over a month. Sam’s Club still has paper towel, but nothing but empty shelves in Publix. But our Sam’s Club is one area where I see far less food for offer than a point where they have empty freezers and an entire section of the store just sitting empty. But Publix, minus those couple of items I mentioned, is doing pretty good with keeping the food shelves pretty full. But five months in to this, I kind of expected things to normalize a bit more than they have with supply, and I do have the same concerns as your friends about what happens when things like weather start becoming an issue into the winter.

    Laurie, great workout. I am glad you are enjoying these Jillian workouts. They really sound good and adaptable. I don’t blame you for a single second for wanting to stay home this weekend and face mask-less. I would too, to be honest. The Ben Franklin store in North Pole had such unique items. It was almost throw back in its approach (which much of Alaska is, to be honest), and just fun to roam around. But there were so few customers since North Pole only had 2500 residents and Fairbanks had both a Joanne’s and Michael’s that I am not really surprised it is closing. Just sad though.

    Enjoy the weekend.

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    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a nice weekend. We had a nice and quiet weekend as always.
    My workouts on Friday were GinaB low impact cardio, Restorative Yoga and Sculpting. Today I did a GinaB Hiit workout. I was feeling tired. I may do two rotation workouts tomorrow.

    Laurie, great job with Jillian's app workouts. I'm glad you're enjoying them.
    The app sounds really good! Does she give you a choice to select warm-ups and cool downs?

    Laurel, what a great workout combo you chose on Friday! Wow! Great job!

    I think it's taking my body longer to recuperate from heavy workout week. I am looking forward to this metabolic week. I can't believe you haven't found paper towels in a month. It took a while to get paper products here in the beginning of the quarantine and right now that is not a problem. I subscribed to Amazon for toilet paper because we couldn't find it for a while. I'll probably do paper towels too.
    We definitely seem to have fewer meat choices. I have not seen empty freezers since March 13 when POTUS announced the quarantine. It really is time to start buying more food just in case. DH has taken inventory of what we have in the freezer and we plan/prepare meals based on what is there. We cross items out that we consume so we know what to buy next time we go food shopping. We haven't been buying a lot of meat like we used to but for now we'll start doing that. We have a food vacuum machine and DH packages the meat we buy with that machine.

    Hi Tami and Erika!

    Have a lovely week ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Sunday morning was Day 8, and this morning was Day 9. She did mix it up from the previous week as far as strength vs. cardio. Overall it was nice to change it up a bit. Of course some of the moves are the same as the previous week. I spent a lot of time this weekend working on my nieces quilt for her wedding in June. I do have to go get some more material on one portion, just a miscalculation on my part. ;) I also received the DVD's from Kelly, and had a look at the Super Sculpt. She uses a step on this one, and it appears to be cardio. She is using 3lb weights for the first section, and then it is all step work after that. The second workout she is using heavier weights for the lower body, but uses the 3lb for upper. This is tabata style, so really want to try it out. It listed a workout 3, but I didn't have a chance to view that one.

    Major thunderstorm yesterday, and now we have really really humid weather. It is one of those that going from ac to outside fogs up the glasses. :p

    Laurel, Awesome workouts! Got to love the core work in MM, that is one of the really good ones. I did enjoy not having to have a mask on my face this weekend that is for sure. I think this may make me a weekend hermit though. :D That is one of the things that I loved about Ben Franklin, they had such different items. I have noticed a lot of items on the shelves are getting to be slim pickings also. I'm guessing that they are having a hard time getting everything manufactured. Since I worked for a frozen pizza manufacturer previously, I always notice how certain popular products have not been in stock for a couple of months. Crazy.

    Thelma, Great job on your workouts! Hope your two workouts go well this morning. Surprisingly Jillian includes the warm up and cool downs with the workout. Although the cardio one she did state that the beginning cardio is the warm up.

    Have a great day!
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    Good Morning, Ladies!!

    It was a busy week, sorry I missed you all for a few days! Work has been crazy. My new manager put in her notice, so I'm now moving on to manager #7 in 6 years here. I think the stress of all the changes (there are changes for my job coming soon too, but no idea what) caught up with me and I needed to get out some frustrations so I put on my running shoes and pounded the pavement. I haven't ran for a year, but it sure felt good to get out there and I felt so much better afterwards. I went out for another run yesterday, and it felt great. I'll have to start doing that more often, it helps a lot with stress for me.

    I did a few random workouts last week, including KCM's new Boxfit (loved it!) and decided to do KCM's Strength/Fat Loss rotation on her website. Started that yesterday and I think it will be perfect for me right now!

    Thelma, sounds like great workouts, I especially love the medicine ball one! I agree, the warmup for Butts and Guts with the stability ball sure gets the muscles working!! How sad that the supermarkets are closing/low on stock. We don't have that here (yet) but I think it could happen. I've spent the last few weeks slowly stocking up on staples in case that happens.

    Laurel, wonderful workouts again! I just about subscribed to Cathe LIVE last week, but decided I needed to go through some of my DVD's I've not tried, or only done once, to mix things up first. When I did LIVE last time, I found myself only doing those (because I loved them so much) and had a lot of unwrapped DVD's. I know I'll be excited to do those strength workouts once I get my LIVE set up again.

    Laurie, JM workouts are sounding like they are good ones, I'm glad you're enjoying them! I agree with the weather in the mornings, it is wonderful! I hope the humid days are few and far between! We had some nasty storms in the middle of the night, which caused a lack of sleep. At least it was only rain, no damage here. I didn't know about the mask mandate on/off going on, makes more sense why there's so much opposition. We really don't have anyone here not following the mandate, but I think with masks being available at most stores at the door, there really isn't an excuse. Did you try any of the KCM new workouts?

    Hi Tami!

    Have a great Monday!

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    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. It was a warm one here, but I didn’t mind. Saturday we did some work in the garden (and a little housework), then went to Lowe’s and Home Depot for a couple of items. Yesterday we potted a plant we got at Home Depot, and then went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for new sheets. This was my first outing to a non grocery or hardware store since this all started, and it was perfectly fine. But as with every other store, I was a bit surprised at the low inventory. But I think at a store like Bed, Bath and Beyond, that is probably a cost saving effort on their part and not necessarily a supply problem.

    Anyhow, for workouts, on Saturday I did a 30 minute Jessica Smith Fat Blaster walk and 45 minutes of Power Yoga with Peloton/Kristin McGee. Yesterday was ICE Chiseled Lower Body Blast, with the Blizzard Blast and ICY Core 2. I added on a 30 minute Peloton Intervals spin....and then took DH for a 90 minute walk. B) It felt great to be outside for that long. Today was Ramped Up Upper Body Triple Shoulders premix, and then a tough combo of Cathe Live Smokin’ Upper Body Blast and RWH Circuit HiiT Upper Body. It has been forever since I did either workout, and it was good to visit them again.

    Thelma, great workout. I am glad you are listening to your body, and taking breaks from the rotation when you need to. Heavy weights can be extremely taxing on the entire body, that’s for sure. Since I developed the rotation with strength training as the priority, there is no shame in scaling it back and doing more cardio or yoga and less strength. I just know, for me, my body responds better to strength training than cardio, which is why my rotations have a tendency to go heavy (no pun intended) on strength workouts. But if taking one or two of those workouts out each week works better for you, do what works best for you without feeling at all like you are missing something....because you aren’t at all if your body responds better to something else. Anyhow, you sound so organized with your grocery shopping. I need to get more organized because I do want to be prepared for shortages this winter. I keep meaning to ask how your aunt is doing. I think of her often.

    Laurie, sounds like a nice way to spend a weekend. Sounds like another good start to the week with Jillian. I like the sound of the new Kelly workouts too. I hope you enjoy them. Not finding basic, popular products is what I have noticed as well. And for months. I kind of wish there was some more information as to why, but I haven’t seen any explanation here. But it isn’t alarming.....just a little eyebrow raising at the moment. I hope it stays that way.

    Erika, congratulations on getting out and running! I so admire people who can run. It has never been my strength, that’s for sure. But I have no doubt it was a great stress relief. I am sorry you are going through more changes at work. That is a lot of managers in six years. I completely understand the hesitation in jumping back in to Cathe Live. I try to keep a decent balance between Live and DVD, but ever since I have added on Peloton, there are definitely times I feel like I am not getting everything out of my DVDs. But the new content of both Peloton and Live is probably the only reason I get up and push play some I am going to stick with it for awhile. :)

    Tami, hope you are well.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies ~ Just wanted to pop in and say hello … :) It is has been way too long. I know you all know it is due to the very busy job right now that I am not checking in. I’m safe and sound and it has been nice having DH home. He did inform me his Fall season is still planned and literally a month away {already}.

    Workouts have been good. Last week started out strong with the “Heavy/Strength” week and then Wed – Friday were Peloton rides each evening. I also got in a nice 45 min Peloton walk on Saturday plus a KCM Body Shop workout (total body weights) and yesterday instead of doing the Lower Body Blast I opted for Pyramid Pump Lower. I always feel like that is such a great leg day workout. Worked about 5 hours over the weekend but split it up into a couple one day, 3 the other. Our boss offered us “double time” if we worked last weekend and this weekend in our department since the Title Officers are so far behind; so I did get hours in last weekend as well.

    Everyone is staying safe but the tension and stress in the office has increased :p due to the craziness of the amount of business and of course COVID. We now wear our masks whenever we leave our desks …. Some people are fighting it and being told to wear it so that creates tension there too. Just the way of it right now. We did hire 2 new people and they both started last week. So getting extra help right now is nice. Neither really affects my position but good to see our front desk girl is getting help and our escrow dept as well. I will hopefully be able to check in more this week. Just wanted to let you know I am doing well and workouts have been great! Following the new rotation and so glad I had it printed out to know what I was doing next.
    Thank you Laurel ;) I should probably ask if it has changed since you posted it?!?

    Talk to you soon (I would say tomorrow but I may "jinx" myself) …. Tami
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    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Gina B Power Walk 80s Style, ICE Lower Body Blast, and RWH Upper Body Circuit.

    We found out today that 14 employees at our supermarket tested positive for COVID! We're going food shopping tomorrow! We do our own checkout so at least we don't get too exposed to others.

    Laurie, great job with Jillian's app rotation! I hope you really like Kelly's new workout!
    I bet your niece and her future husband will love the quilt!
    Yikes with the humid weather! I hate it when glasses fog up like that!
    I managed to get 3 workouts in. I did low impact cardio the the Cardio Leg Blast in the morning and the Upper body one in the afternoon.

    Erika, I can't believe your new boss quit already! How long did she last? Months right? 7 managers in 6 years! Wow! Something is clearly wrong with that picture and no one at the top is paying attention. I'm glad you went running to get some of those frustrations out of your system!
    Great idea to do a Kelly rotation now that work is so stressful. Those are shorter workouts.

    We are going to start stocking up on staples too. We are going tomorrow to do that even though we were just there last week. Don't forget to stock up on paper products too.

    Laurel, I'm glad you had a good weekend. You sure were busy though! I can't believe the low inventories your encountering there. The only other stores I've been to other than the supermarkets are Cabela's and our local department store and it didn't look like they had any empty shelves at all.
    Great workouts!! That was a long walk!!

    I felt energetic today and managed to do yesterday's workout and today's. I'll do the best I can with the rotation and I'll take it one day at-a-time. Thanks for the suggestion to cut back if I need to. I definitely will listen to my body. I forget a lot that I sometimes feel tired due to my compromised immune system too.
    A girl who supervises the self checkout registers at our supermarket is always there when we go check out and she complemented us on how organized we were. I now have item codes for most of the produce items we get so they are next to the item on my list. That makes our checkout even more efficient because sometimes we can't read the tiny numbers! LOL. Organizing the items on my list by their geographic location at the store helps a lot too. I used to use a phone app grocery list but now I print it out because I don't want to touch my phone. I put my list, credit card and supermarket card in my pant pocket so I don't need to open my purse.

    Tami, I'm so glad you're doing well and that your DH as been home. I can't believe his fall season is just around the corner!
    We know how busy you are at work. I would've worked the weekend for double pay too! Stay safe and try to get plenty of rest!

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Well this morning didn't start out that great. Rocket got way to close to a skunk, and we had to try to get some of the aroma off of him and out of the house. DH is taking him to doggy daycare to get his de-skunking bath. I probably should have stayed home and cleaned the house, because I can smell it here at work. Guess it's a blessing that everyone is wearing a mask here! :D I went to the bathroom and cleaned the bottom of my shoes, because it is probably on the floor at home. :# DH and Rocket where downstairs with me while I worked out. Yes I did manage to get the Day 10 workout in, it was DH who said just do it. We went for our walk also, not really anything that we could do for him.

    Erika, Glad to hear that running is helping with the stress. Nice that you enjoyed the BoxFit workout. Did you do the shadow boxing one or the weights? Sounds like a good rotation, I have done that one before. We had the storms when I was leaving work. They had tornado warnings out to the south of us close to the IL border. I have not tried the new workouts yet, but I may squeeze them in at some point during this rotation. May not want to do the rest of the 28 days at some point. :D Those DVD's keep haunting me, they look like they would be fun.

    Laurel, Glad that you where able to enjoy some shopping, it is nice to get out and about once in a while. Awesome job on your workouts, and the very long walk. ;) Unfortunately I think a lot of the factories where either shut down or running with minimal crew. I know around here they have cut all overtime, but we still need to meet the same output. This is because other parts of the company where totally shut down, so we where keeping everything going. Like I told Erika, I'm just itching to try the new Kelly workouts, and it will probably happen because I will can not resist temptation. :D I know the shadow boxing one is really calling to me.

    Tami, Wow on being so busy that you are offered double time! Glad that you where able to pop on and let us know that you and your DH where okay. I may have to change up to Laurel's rotation, just so I can get in my new workouts without feeling any guilt. :D Smart of you to print it out. I will have to go back and do the same thing, just in case I change my mind. I do that occasionally. :D Can't believe that the summer has gone so fast that your DH is ready for the fall. I see the change of seasons in the stores, just to bad that we all missed the spring. ;)

    Thelma, Great job on the workouts! Oh my on the employee's at the store. Surprised that they didn't contract the virus sooner than now though. So far the quilt is turning out to be very pretty. I'm trying to not go to girly on it, because they are both very outdoorsy type people. I'm impressed with the amount of workouts that you are doing during the day. I hope that I have that same motivation when I finally get to retire.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was another long one but not too intense. I did Ramped Up Upper Body Triple Back premix and S&S core. Then I did a 45 minute Interval and Arms spin with Peloton followed by 30 minute of Slow Flow yoga with Kristin McGee. And DH and I took a quick walk, which was nice. We finally had some rain last night but you wouldn’t be able to tell given how dry things still look. I am hoping for more as the week continues.

    Tami, thank you for checking in! Sounds like your workouts are going well. And, yes, the rotation is just what I posted. :) I may make a change down the road to add one of the 4DS Circuit workouts in based on a recommendation by a Thelma, but that is a few weeks away. Glad to hear about the new hires at work. Hopefully that takes some of the stress off people. No doubt things are tense around the office. I think they are tense everywhere right now, to be honest. I suppose that is one reason I don’t mind staying home right now. B) I am glad your DH is going to have an autumn fishing season.

    Thelma, great workouts! It definitely sounds like you had more energy! I would imagine those 14 employees have tested positive since March, right? In other words....not all at once. Because if that was all at once :o ! Sometimes I think I am better off mentally with knowing less than more about what is happening in our community, but this is also one thing I don’t think it is smart to be too ignorant about, unfortunately. Wow, that is seriously impressive organization for shopping! I do try o organize my list as much as possible as it relates to the layout of the store. But beyond that...... :# . I have to admit it was actually easier to do the shopping when DH was gone than it is for me to write a list for DH to do the shopping. But he wants to do the shopping and our store is tight enough that I don’t want both of us to go unless necessary. So my grocery list sometimes looks like a short novel!

    Laurie, that definitely does not sound like a good start to the day. :o Hopefully you get rid of the odor soon and Rocket is good as new when he comes home from doggie daycare. Great job getting a workout in even with that distraction. I got to love your DHs ‘just do it’ encouragement. You are so right about the factories. Between distancing restrictions, illnesses, and the shut down, I probably should be amazed we have what we have on the shelves. I would love it if you used the rotation to give those new Kelly workouts a try!!

    See you tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ Today was RWH Upper Body Circuit and may get in a Peloton ride tonight. Work has been so calm today for me. It has been like a “catch up” day. So it has been good. :)

    Laurie: Sounds like you are enjoying these challenge workouts? Nicely done. So is this a 28-day rotation? I will probably be receiving my new KCM workouts as well if you just received yours. I think mine usually arrive shortly after. YAY. I am excited to preview them both. I may find a way to put them into the rotation as well, following your lead. YIKES on the skunk. When I was growing up, my dad lived on 20 acres and our dogs constantly got sprayed by skunks or prickles from a porcupine. Neither is fun. That’s nice that your doggy daycare will bathe him for you guys. Isn’t that crazy our boss offered our dept. double time. He is trying to combat the burnout of people not wanting to spend one more hour I think. But it definitely motivated me to get in like 10 extra hours!

    Thelma: Way to go with the triple threat combo today! WOWSA, you must have had some energy today. Awesome job. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder on REST. DH has been snoring so badly and tossing and turning since he got home it’s been rough. Last night was probably my best sleep.

    Laurel: You were able to get in a fabulous workout as well today! Love that you are getting in those RUUB Triples this week. I saw that on the schedule and wish I could but just getting it done is my goal right now. LOL Thanks for letting me know on the rotation. I will be trying to pencil things in each week so I know which workout I want to do. I think you are exactly right about everywhere being highly tense. My sister for the first time in probably “ever” has been a little cranky and frustrated even towards me. Makes me sad ….. she has SO much on her plate and trying to keep things afloat in what she does. I know it is more than I can even imagine, PLUS we are also coming up on my mom’s anniversary, so she is extra feeling the feels right now.

    Erika: Hello! Good job getting in your running. I have always wanted to enjoy running, but just never been my thing and definitely don't miss our BootCamp classes running all over town with the class. But yay that it is working for you and you are enjoying it. I do love my outdoor walks so I can imagine running feels that way for you. Hope all is well with your family . :)

    Talk to you ladies tomorrow ~ Tami
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    Hi Ladies, my workouts today were Gina B. Low Impact Cardio, Yoga Basics and ICE Metabolic Total Body.

    We went food shopping today and the shelves were fully stocked. The only things that were missing were disinfectant wipes and Lysol spray.

    Laurie, OMG with the skunk! Poor Rocket! What did they bathe him with? Good job getting your workout in!

    I wanted to ask the workers at the supermarket if it was true that some of them were COVID+ but decided against it.
    I am not crafty/creative like you are so I exercise but I split the workouts between the am/pm. I'm glad the quilt is turning out very pretty!

    Laurel, great job with your workouts today! I'm glad you got some rain finally. We did too!

    I really think that the 14 employees tested positive all at once! I hope it was since March though!

    Tami, great workout combo! I'm glad you had a calm day at work!
    I did have energy yesterday but was a little tired today! Does your husband need a cpap machine? You are a nice wife. I ask DH to turn on his side when he's snoring.

    Goodnight ladies!
  • fitzfourfitzfour Member Posts: 1,306 Member Member Posts: 1,306 Member
    Hi Ladies,

    Sorry I was MIA yesterday, it was a crazy day!! Tension is high as more is put on those of us in my role, and with my manager leaving (last day is Friday) and no manager decided yet, it's really getting tough. We also got the "your son was near 2 kids that tested positive for COVID" email, which I just hate. We don't know how exposed he was (it was during a lacrosse game) but the email said no one in the family should leave the house for 14 days, we all should get tested now and again at day 14, yada yada yada. I, at first, freaked out but then I realized I don't even know if my DS came in contact at all with this kid. They had to email over 100 families as there were 5 teams of 20 that "could" have come in contact with this kid. DS was supposed to have a job interview yesterday at Menards and we advised he call the manager to let her know the situation. She advised as long as he had no symptoms to mask up and she'd put a divider between them to do the interview. Best news of the day, he got offered the job within minutes of starting the interview. He'll be a cart boy and also carrying out heavy items to people's cars for them. He's over the moon excited!!! Made my day :)

    Monday was a long run (I made it 3 miles, with only 1 minute stopping after I climbed a hill) and yesterday was KCM Split Upper Body. Loving the combo of KCM and running right now!

    Thelma, I'm glad your shopping experience went well. I am hoping things stay stocked around here and it's not too crazy in the stores. So far so good, but I don't venture out more than Target usually. I've heard some of the other stores are a bit much. I did find out Whole Foods delivers free to our area with an Amazon Prime membership, so I might try that. Excellent workouts, the 80's walk caught my attention. Fun?? Yes, my manager was only with our team a short time...I think it was 1 month. Crazy, huh?

    Laurel, great job getting in fantastic workouts, walking the hubby :) and getting some work around the yard done and errands ran too. What a productive few days you've had!! Those are my absolute favorite! I had heard that BB&B was going to close their stores, but I haven't seen any changes here at our local one. Not sure if that was just speculation or planned for a few months out? Could be the reason for low stock if they are planning to downsize.

    Laurie, wow a skunk?!? I was just telling a friend I am just waiting for the day that happens with my pups. We are fenced in, but they manage to get all kinds of critters. Last night I had to stop my poodle from eating a gigantic toad. They don't just paw at them/play with them, every critter is a snack to all 3 of them. Good job getting in the workout despite the morning craziness!

    Tami, I'm glad you are having some quality time with your DH before fall season starts! Glad to hear that there is some extra help at the office, but stinks that it's so tense there. I can imagine wearing masks, busy times and just overall stress playing a huge part. We are having the issue here in MN that in our industry no one is being allowed to work in an office. We are all working remotely, which means call after call after video call after video call. Last week I had 9 hours straight of calls/video calls. At one point I just abandoned my computer to use the restroom and let the others on the call wonder where I went. I was spent!

    I hope you all are getting some sunshine where you are. Weather (after the hot/humid weekend) this week is fallish and's wonderful! I'm planning to head out for a run after work again.

    Have a great day!

  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,830 Member Member Posts: 2,830 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Our dog smells wonderful, but they had to give him four baths. DH was home cleaning the carpets and kitchen floor. There is still one area in the kitchen that is potent, and I think it might be the door or kitchen cabinets. We had our windows open all day and last night, that sure does make me congested though. I'm fine now, just had to have a good sneeze fest for a while. :D Day 12 is in the books also.

    Laurel, Love all the workouts! I think that DH said to do the workout because he saw me looking torn between cleaning up the stench or working out. Of course Rocket wanted to be by me, so he brought him downstairs. This morning despite spraying the carpet in my workout area, there was a slight stench. After this rotation, I will probably join you all on the rotation. I don't have any plans for September.

    Tami, Great job on your workouts! I'm sure that you have been working so long and hard that one day of peace is a good day. :) I don't blame you for taking advantage of the double time, I probably would do the same. Yes this is a 28 day rotation. I'm probably going to try the BoxFit Shadowboxing workout tomorrow, since that is suppose to be a kickboxing day since Jillian's kickboxing isn't as good as Kelly's. We had one dog that encountered a porcupine, that was awful to watch my dad taking those quills out. DH was on his zoom meeting with all the managers, and there was one that didn't know we had skunks here. :D I think every state has some type of skunk.

    Thelma, Awesome workouts! Glad you where able to get to the grocery store. Those are the two items that have been in short supply around our stores also. Some of the stores are lacking on their canned good also. DH's Uncle has been wanting this certain item since the quarantine, and I still have not seen it on the shelves. I don't know what they put on him, but he sure does smell like a flower. :D We also bought him a new collar. It sure is nice that they have all that stuff at daycare, I just asked them to chose a good dude collar. The best part is they picked a plaid, so I told him that he is truly a Scottish dog now. My DH has Scot heritage, and the plaid is almost the right one. ;)

    Erika, Guess we posted almost at the same time. Sorry that you have to deal with the C19 and extra work at the same time. I'm sure that the stress level at one point was crazy. Congrats to your DS for getting a job at Menards. Great job on your running and the KCM workout! Every dog that we have had has come into contact with a skunk. Rocket didn't get it in the face, because I think he stop pursuit when I yell at him. He mostly had it on his backside. At least you can go close to his face.

    Have a great day!
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  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,089 Member Member Posts: 3,089 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Ramped Up Upper Body Triple Triceps premix followed by ICE Metabolic Total Body Doubled premix with the Blizzard Blast as well. That was a long one for sure. DH and I also got out for a nice walk.

    Tami, great workout. I am glad things were a little calmer at work. I am sorry your sister is struggling right now. My sister is kind of the same way....her DH accepted a job as a pilot on a private jet that has him flying internationally (last I heard, he is in London), her oldest daughter is returning to college this weekend and her youngest is starting her senior year in high school. And my sister is on the brink of losing her job. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with COVID, I think of my sister. My sisters and I ‘zoom’ every week right now, which has been a wonderful way to keep track of them through this time. But, goodness, life just seems to be quite the struggle for most everybody right now. So given that, I hear you on the ‘getting it done’ goal. DH was suggesting I change up my workout routine this morning and I said ‘nope’. Now is not the time for me to start tinkering with my routine. :#

    Thelma, great workout. I am glad your shopping trip went well.

    Erika, oh my on that COVID letter. Goodness I really don’t know how people are supposed to function if they get letters like that periodically for the next year. I mean, do you have to live thinking every single day that tomorrow you may need to be ready to not leave the house for two weeks? Craziness. I am sure that and your job situation made for a long day. But yay on your DS getting a job! That is great news. I heard the BB&B is closing some stores too, but I didn’t get the impression they are shutting down completely. In fact, there was a ‘Now Hiring’ sign on our store that has me thinking this one is staying open. Great workouts! That is a fantastic run you did on Monday!

    Laurie, another checkmark on the workout calendar is always good! I am glad Rocket is all clean. I hope you get the rest of the odor out soon.

    See you tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,373 Member
    Hi Ladies ~ ICE Metabolic Total Body for me today as well. Always a fun one hoping for a ride after work tonight. Ended up not getting one in last night. We had a friend of DH's come and re-wire our garage outlet because DH blew a major circuit by having our trailer parked into the same power source as our 3 freezers. UMMM! Hello. I asked if that could be a problem prior to his friend arriving and he said “no”. But that was exactly what happened. At any rate, all is good and luckily I was the one to notice things weren’t quite right out there with the light being off in the stand up freezer. Remember we are still prepared for the Apocalypse so things are filled for future and current eating. :#

    Thelma: Great workout(s) again today! Glad to hear your shelves are stocked. Yes, DH does have a CPAP machine but hasn’t used it since January when he was sick. He decided t he last couple years of lung issues and pneumonia, etc. was caused by this machine. He is convinced despite having it cleaned every day that he didn't have any issues or serious illnesses prior to it; which I can't argue with because he hadn't had anything. Then when COVID started he was definitely not going to chance it he said. Soooooooooo the snoring has come back into our lives. I do ask him to roll over but for some reason he ends up back on his back again soon after. OH, and he is tired all the time again too.

    Erika: Sounds like we are both in the same boat for tension and anxiety happening at work. I think it is just a crazy time for everyone . . . I feel very lucky that I am still able to be at our office every day vs. at home and for what I do luckily I would not have to be on zoom calls even at home. My work is a lot of behind the scenes and e-mailing documents, etc. Way to go with the long run! That is so great. Good to hear you are finding a combo that is working for you right now. Always good! Especially during stress. Today was our coolest day in a very long time. Supposed to heat back up by the weekend and be high 90’s first part of next week.

    Laurie: So good to hear that Rocket is smelling the opposite of a skunk when you picked him up! IT’s amazing how that smell can just sink into things. So gross. Hopefully you get it all aired out soon. Congrats on Day 12 done. Rolling right along with that. How long are the workouts? So my new DVDs were in the mailbox last night! YAY. I am excited to hear your review of BoxFit if you end up doing it. Excited to try them both.

    Laurel: Fabulous job with the workouts again today! WOW, definitely sounds like your sister is in the same situation for the amount of stress on her shoulders. Your right on it being a struggle for everyone right now and how we keep hearing “we are all in this together” is SO true. There is comfort in numbers forsure. Just wish I could help. Maybe face time with her will be good instead of our occasional call we can see each other. What was your DH hoping your would change up on your routine? Less?

    Hope you ladies have a great evening/a.m. Talk to you tomorrow! Tami
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