What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • 47Jacqueline
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    Because I cannot ride my bike for two months, due to an injury, I started usign the stationary bike in the gym
  • Syneea
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    Won three "work week" Fitbit challenges in a row.. Averaging over 15000 steps per day. :)
  • bri170lb
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    Not one piece of candy. Not one!
  • Ponkeen
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    1. Only had one piece of candy (two shots of whiskey as well, but, well, we're not perfect...).
    2. Wore a cute/creepy Halloween costume and didn't worry about looking lumpy.
    3. My friend asked if I was going to start online dating again anytime soon (maybe- haven't decided- dating is the worst), and then she said "You're looking pretty good." Coming from her this is a big compliment!
  • luvwords1996
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    bri170lb wrote: »
    Not one piece of candy. Not one!

    Me too....not one piece of candy on Halloween!
  • MissyMilda
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    100 days logging today!

    Had a big family Hallowe'en party yesterday. At worst I ate at maintenance, but I think I actually kept a smallish deficit - depending on the accuracy of exercise calories. Those 98 "practice" days of logging and portion control beforehand must have played a part!
  • meritage4
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    enjoyed halloween. ate some candy as I handed it out. Cleared our most of the leftover candy with the last trick or treaters so only have a small bit left. This can be worked into my eating plan.
  • kiit1234
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    BRaye325 wrote: »
    I went for a 4 mile hike around a lake on Saturday and then went straight to watch the St Pat's day parade with my kids. I sat on the curb with my two grandsons for an hour and a half and I could still stand up afterwords! Wouldn't have happened last year. :smiley:
    BRaye325 wrote: »
    I went for a 4 mile hike around a lake on Saturday and then went straight to watch the St Pat's day parade with my kids. I sat on the curb with my two grandsons for an hour and a half and I could still stand up afterwords! Wouldn't have happened last year. :smiley:

    That IS an NSV! Way to go!
    belimawr wrote: »
    I'm comfortable for the first time in ever wearing a T-shirt alone without having a button down shirt on top covering it so no one can see my gut and less than manly upper body - because they don't exist anymore.
    I went to a store and realized I'm down 2 shirt sizes from XXL to L. Sometimes, I still see my old self in the mirror. xx
    Timby1 wrote: »
    Met a friend for coffee yesterday morning. We meet almost every Wednesday for coffee so she's seen me losing (we encourage each other in losing weight among other things). Yesterday, she wasn't sure if it was me from behind. She said I'd gotten so tiny from behind she didn't recognize me!
    2ledbetter wrote: »
    My largest shirt was a 4x. I bought an xl yesterday. Wow, I'm not sure my mind is ready for that.
    Today, while standing up straight, I couldn't see my belly beyond my chest!

    It's still there, I can see it if I crane my neck a bit, but it's leaving!

    My chest measurement is officially higher than my gut measurement!
    So today is my birthday! I'm off from work today so I decided I was literally going to to nothing all day. Just sit and read and take a "me" day. When I woke up I made the decision to "treat" myself to a 4 mile run, which I haven't done since last November. And I rocked it! I only stopped to walk once and just for 30 seconds and I didn't feel like I was going to die. I even hit my runner's high in the middle of my run. Usually I don't get that until I'm finished. :blush: I can tell that 26 is going to be a good year for me!!
    Gave blood the other day and was a little bummed when they didn't have the size t-shirt I normally wear. I decided to go with the size down thinking I could shrink into it. When I tried it on it fit perfectly!
    Someone I'd never met/who has never seen me before went to my mom's house and saw a picture of me from high school and looked at me, then said "Don't take this the wrong way, but you've lost a lot of weight."
    It was nice to have someone completely unbiased notice!
    zena_marie wrote: »
    My other half noticed on Saturday that myknees no longer touch against the glove box when I'm sat in the car, there is at least 2 inches space now meaning that my fat *kitten* is getting smaller!
    fitfatty88 wrote: »
    Been a minute since I've posted but I've had quite a few over the last few days...

    1) Went to the Cavs playoff game Tuesday (woo) and our seats were ALLL the way up. Normally I'd be winded after coming up all the stairs and feel like I was sitting on top of the person next to me because the seats are more narrow at the top. I just sat, no pinching or anything...and the stairs didn't bother me at all. I was actually the runner for snacks and water all night.

    2) Brought my belt in ANOTHER notch. I may have to suck it up and buy a new belt because it's starting to look ridiculous.

    3) Started wearing my fitbit last Monday and I had a 22K+ day yesterday in steps.

    4) During my 8 mile run/walk yesterday, I decided I'd try to just run a full mile instead of what I normally do...run part, walk part...repeat. Mile 3 I did really well but got into my own head and slowed down. Decided I'd start back up on mile 7 and felt so good I finished the whole way running. And for the first time in my adult life I ran a mile in under 12 minutes...twice. I didn't even do that during our 1 mile fitness tests in High School gym, let alone after already finishing 6 miles. I cried lol.
    jenmovies wrote: »
    And just to make me feel even better, the nice lady was so pleased with her designer bargains she gave £200 to the Nepal Earthquake appeal :smiley:
    THIS! Well done!
    MKEgal wrote: »
    toriraeh wrote:
    My current NSV is that, according to BMI, I'm OVERWEIGHT! Not obese anymore!
    I love that I can come on here and say that and you guys GET IT.
    LOL! Yeah, only people who have 'been there' understand why it's so great to only be overweight.

    ALSO my husband made the comment that I can stop losing whenever I want because he thinks
    I look incredibly healthy. It's bogus, I still have about 30 lbs to lose, but so sweet of him to say.
    I've had a couple people tell me I should stop losing now (have about 20 lb to be at the top end of
    a healthy BMI), one of whom was a doctor! I think our perception of normal/average has been so
    skewed by the obesity epidemic that we can't recognize healthy any more.

    That is so interesting! I think you are right that we are skewed on what healthy actually looks like between the obesity epidemic on one side on glossy mags on the other. My goal is to get down to the athletic range, not just in the normal range so I am sure I will start to get those comments too. Maybe the people who say those things are also a bit upset by those of us who show them what is possible that they themselves are not doing?
    s_y8s wrote: »
    I can feel my ribs when I lay down. I know that sounds weird but that's huge for me!
    fitfatty88 wrote: »
    Just got back from a week long vacation and didn't beat myself up for the 4 lb bump on the scale. I know it's because of the tremendously indulgent 6 course meal my friends and I treated ourselves to the last night in town. Worth it.

    Some NSV's from the trip:
    -Entered a Lava Cave in Arizona. I didn't make it very far in because I got too scared but I got further than I thought I would...I've gotta do better next time.
    -Hiked almost the entire way up the Abineau Trail in the Coconino Forest in Arizona, over 2500 ft elevation change starting at 8000 ft. I'm from Ohio...where our elevation is like max 1500 ft, so to start already that high the air was SO difficult to breathe. I stopped a lot and cried because I was scared I couldn't do it but I did! Until it started snowing, then it was an almost vertical climb down.
    -Hiked part of the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon after walking almost the entire rim trail earlier in the day. It was breathtaking, even when the clouds rolled in and you couldn't see 5 ft in front of you.
    -Hiked part of the Valley of Fire in Nevada, climbing up to see Elephant Rock, crossing between two rocks through water and going up and down steps completely covered in sand. Me even a year ago would have been too scared.
    -Went out 3 nights in Vegas in sleeveless dresses and didn't worry about needing a cover up or sleeves to hide my arms. Even had some dudes trying to "holla at me for a minute" which blew my mind because have you SEEN Vegas show girls?
    -Got stuck in the middle seat (ugh) on an economy air bus (ughhhh) flying out and didn't feel like I was smothering the other passengers. The seatbelt actually had room to spare. Whoa.
    PinkyPan1 wrote: »
    I am glad you asked! This morning I power walked 7 miles. Mile 6 was my fastest mile ever at 13:13. I feel freaking fabulous at this point. I did not try to make a record but rather had a few new songs added to my playlist and Black Eyed Peas "Let's Get it Started" on repeat was all I needed. At mile 6 I was exhausted so the fact that I pulled this off still blows my mind. No too bad for an old lady.

    I had something of a decent NSV tonight. Being married to an Italian American does not always make it easy to lose weight or to maintain weight loss. Especially at family gatherings where there are regularly plates of delicious Italian cookies and usually at least 3 or 4 cakes. Tonight there were 4. I managed to eat very well and ended up having only 2 cookies and a sliver of one of the cakes. I usually manage to eat well until dessert and that selection of cookies and cakes usually trip me up. Tonight I proved to myself I CAN resist temptation and have just a taste of the good stuff. Also both of us getting lots of compliments on our weight loss is a great ego boost. All in all, a good night!
    bri170lb wrote: »
    Not one piece of candy. Not one!

    Me too! And I handed out candy to the kids that came to the door. Not that candy is bad, but I have trouble stopping at one piece.
  • DawnEmbers
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    225 lb deadlift for 1 rep

  • Meganthedogmom
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    This weekend was the first weekend I didn't go over my calorie goal, in probably MONTHS! AND it was Halloween weekend :)
  • Kirstie155
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    We didn't get nearly as many trick or treaters as we thought we would. Decided at that at 8pm we were turning off the porch lights and going inside...so at 7:55 as a group of 3 kids came up, I dumped all the rest of the candy into their bags--they were thrilled! And none left over for me to eat :D
    I usually buy a ton so I can eat it for weeks after-but I can never stop at just a piece and way over eat. Major NSV for me!
  • eeede
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    I jooged yesterday!
    Granted it was not only jogging, it was 3mn of walking and two minutes of jogging for 30 minutes, but it was a first time for me.
  • saylorkw
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    eeede wrote: »
    I jooged yesterday!
    Granted it was not only jogging, it was 3mn of walking and two minutes of jogging for 30 minutes, but it was a first time for me.

    baby steps! great job!

    My NSV I bought a 36" belt this weekend!!! I could have gotten a 34" but my "mind" just wouldn't let me.
  • mckillopdad
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    I'm wearing smaller pants today!

    It is a day of magical pants for all! I am too, rather accidentally, and so is my friend who lives far, far away!

    What a halloween treat! At least as long as it's not a trick :wink: :naughty::lol:

    Just 3 months ago, I was wearing a 38 waist. And a rather snug 38 waist. Today I put on a pair of 34 waist jeans and have plenty of room. They also fit properly over my waist, not tucked under my belly like they used to!!
  • JenniferIsLosingIt
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    Realizing that I am no longer scared to put my clothes in the dryer for fear they will shrink! :):)
  • IILikeToMoveItMoveIt
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    Two pieces of candy on Halloween.
    Yesterday I got into my favorite and only remaining pair of jeans that fit. They were so comfortable! I had forgotten how nice they were.
  • theawill519
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    Yesterday, I ran a mile without stopping for the first time, ever. I felt like a friggin superhero. B)
  • bri170lb
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    Yesterday, I ran a mile without stopping for the first time, ever. I felt like a friggin superhero. B)

    Everytime I jog, and I started last May, I can not believe that I'm am actually jogging!

    So get ready for lots of superhero feelings in your future! You're unstoppable now!

  • fitfatty88
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    Only had one piece of Halloween candy - a bite size Baby Ruth that I ate without thinking. Haven't bought any candy and don't plan on hitting up the clearance aisle for it either. Unfortunately my boss brought in his leftovers today and it's been screaming my name...ugh.

    I was Ursula for Halloween and I wore a corset in a 38 and it didn't bulge out or look lumpy anywhere. I even had the back tightened all the way in...I may need to go buy a smaller size. The first corset I ever bought was a 44!

    Then yesterday I forced myself back in the gym after a 2 week hiatus and the first thing I did was hop on the treadmill and run 13 minutes straight, felt great.
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    345x5 rep PR