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    Flea - Many ((HUGS)) heading your way. Glad your mom is on her way to a new adventure. <3

    Enjoy Belize. :)

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    Flea - So glad you could be with her at the end. Lots of love. <3

    The weather is changing at last. This is one of the longest cold spells I can remember in recent years. I've hated it, because the house has really struggled to warm up in the morning. From now on, it's going to be warm and wet. Very wet! And actually very warm.

    I'm hoping our invalids are doing OK. <3

    Love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Stat for the day-

    Walk w/kids- 2hrs 12sec, 2.80ap, 98elev, 96ahr, 120mhr, 6.03mi= 588c
    Strava app = 739c
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    My mother passed this morning at 6:05. It was a blessing to be with her.

    I am now at PDX getting ready to join my husband and son in Belize until the 24th.

    Thank you all for your prayers and kind thoughts.

    Willamette Valley OR

    She’s in a better place, it was a great comfort to her that you were there.
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    Flea- so glad you were there with your mom..it will give you good feelings and enjoy Belize,ive been there on a cruise.
    Just finished watching Beauty and the Beast 30th Anniversary on Disney + it was part of the animated movie and part live actors .it was wonderful...
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    Flea-sending healing thoughts your way. Belize sounds like a perfect place to go.

    Allie-I agree with others-Carmine seems to be blossoming.

    Carol-Hope finger heals well. Finger cuts are always so painful.

    Rita-I think earthquakes can happen most anywhere-just some places are more prone to them. I lived in San Diego for a few years and never experienced one. Moved to Maine and experience two!

    Had fun seeing grandsons. Didn't see step son-he was running fever, but got to see DIL and her parents. Working on stuff around house slowly. I have to admit I got stuck watching last quarter and overtime of Minnesota-Indianapolis game. If you like foot ball-it was something else.

    Allie-I can relate to your house issue-I don't think I would let anyone in the door right now!

    Going to go do something productive.

    Ginny in Ohio
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    Work today. Hopefully, I can go for a walk since it’s getting warmer outside now. Made salsbury steaks for us to have later in the week and to freeze. Now have ribs in the IP. Maybe while one piece is cooking in it I can go for a walk. Lectoring tonight No work for tomorrow (yea) so the plan is to do a Jacki Xtream Abs DVD or else Denise Austin’s Quick Burn Cardio DVD – not sure which one I’ll be in the mood for. Update: did go for a walk

    Ginny – almost all of my presents are out of the back bedroom, too. It feels so good. The only ones in there are the ones for Ken and Lynette. As I wrapped the ones for Jess and Colby and I put the wrapped ones under the tree, Vince says to me “we’re just moving them to under the tree so that we can move them again into the car to take to Jess’?” I just told him that I needed them there.

    Allie – the more you tell me about Tobias, the more I like him.

    Carol – ouch!! Sending virtual bandaids

    Flea – How glad I am that you were with your mother. My deepest condolences

    Lanette – what is that saying? “ashes to ashes” which is why I don’t dust…..it might be one of my friends (or something like that)

    Michele NC
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    dlfk202000 wrote: »
    just a quick check in-
    Surgery went well. He did have to do the skin graft from my neck instead of the flap from my forehead.
    Some pain but not terrible if I stay up on my meds.

    Router is messing up so getting online is a pain right now too.

    I will catch up on posts when I can.
    Spending a lot of time napping

    Napa Valley,Ca

    Glad to hear it went well.

    I also have to stay up on my meds and I am sleeping a lot.

    I'm looking forward to my first dressing change tomorrow. That will be at the clinic with a nurse.

    M in Oz
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    Flea so sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. Belize sounds like a great place to heal.
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    jam0525 wrote: »

    This is my 2nd Christmas without my son or my husband. For some reason I had a sudden urge to put up my little tree with their ashes and photos.

    I actually felt calm and peaceful when it was done.

    Jeannie in NM


    It's beautiful!
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    Karen - As far as I know, there is no vaccination programme over here for chicken pox. That's why I didn't understand the question. :D We have lots of childhood vaccinations, but not that one. (I may be wrong, but most children just get it) She is perfectly fine, but not allowed to go to school, which throws out all the schedules. They are all on holiday next week, but my son and DDIL have to make progress with their packing for their move at the New Year. I am waiting for a call, but also hoping we won't have to do too much. I really want to get on with my book. :* I know the other grandparents are having them for a couple of days at some stage. I find it difficult having all three together as there is a big age gap. Winter is harder. However, I am ready to do my bit for the family. Soooo much pressure on them. Getting organised for a six month stay in an unfurnished apartment and having to clear the ground floor and much of the house for the builders. With three children and full time jobs. :o
    When I did over two houses I had a complete breakdown both times. Severe depression. They are made of sterner stuff, but my son takes over too much and runs himself ragged.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    Heather, Now it makes sense. Here, if a child who was immunized contracted chickenpox, it would be a reportable event (to state public health system and the CDC), along with the lot number of the vaccine the child had received. It would be a much bigger deal in the US - very different from when we were children, and everyone contracted measles, chickenpox, etc.

    I still remember the elation my father experienced when, in 1960, he and his partner Dr. Smith held the town's first sugar cube polio vaccination event in the gymnasium of the grade school. It was a festive event; people flocked in, and virtually the entire town participated. Polio was a dreaded disease. Polio vaccination was one of the most successful vaccination campaigns in the US.


    Karen in Virginia
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    Siblings: I had one sister, diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was 21, so not much help as a sibling. I mourned the loss of her my whole adult life. She died about five years ago, and I am thankful she is finally healed and at peace.

    I am with my mother. Hospice predicts she will pass on the next few hours or days. I drove up last night. My husband and son are on their way to Belize, and I will join them later, if I am able. This is hard, but my mom is ready to go. She is completely non responsive, so I have the lights dimmed and traditional Christmas music playing. She hasn't had anything to eat or drink for over 24 hours.

    Willamette Valley OR

    Flea, So very sad. When my mom died, it was such a mixture of grief and gladness - I loved my mother so much, and at one point I told her, "Mom, you can't die." To which she patted my hand, looked directly into my eyes, and said, "I know. And that worries me a little." Blessings to you and your family, and peace to your mother.
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    ❤️ 🎄 ❤️ 🎄 ❤️