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    This outrageous!!!

    Woman spits on 7-Eleven counter after being asked to wear a mask

    She’d catch hands.... point blank. 👊 Straight up disrespectful and a health menace to boot.

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    This outrageous!!!

    Woman spits on 7-Eleven counter after being asked to wear a mask

    She’d catch hands.... point blank. 👊 Straight up disrespectful and a health menace to boot.

    I hope she gets locked up.
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    Gale there is solitary.
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    Without disputing the conclusion at all**, I'd observe that the research is influenza research. Is Covid transmitted identically (same droplet size needed in exhalates for transmission, and that sort of thing), same volume of virus bits needed to infect, same effect of environmentals (heat, light, airflow) on life of virus or other aspects that make it more/less contagious via exhalation, etc.?

    I have no idea. Could be identical. Could be not identical. Just because it's a symptomatically similar disease, doesn't make the different virus have the same transmission characteristics, AFAIK.

    I didn't link it because it was symptomatically similar, I did because it was a respiratory spread virus - not a bacteria (a previous thing posted was a guy looking at bacteria coming past a mask/not ) - I thought a meta-analysis of influenza spread that was on actual people getting actually ill was far closer to what you'd see with another respiratory virus.

    I think masks help some, we've had some people sick, like a hairdresser, who saw customers and didn't spread it to them because they wore masks. That kind of one-on-one close contact? Yeah, I think masks will minimize that. Dentists? Yep.

    Me walking down a 10ft wide aisle in a grocery store and passing you for 5 seconds without a mask? Not likely at all. I might not even exhale when I'm walking past you. I don't think masks do crap in this kind of situation. They're just a display.

    Wait, are there dentists who don't ordinarily wear masks for procedures, exams, etc?! Every dentist I've been to for over half a century has worn a mask while coming in to close proximity to look into my mouth or put tools and fingers in my mouth. That's just disgusting to think there are dentists that needed the pandemic to put a barrier between their talking spittle and a patient's open mouth.

    Agreed. For as long as I can remember, my dentist and hygienist have been masked and gloved. If my hygienist leaves the room for any reason she puts on new gloves upon returning. I could even tell when they switched from latex gloves to nitrile because the latex ones had an unpleasant taste.

    I didn't realize that there were medical professionals out there who didn't practice basic infection control.

    I agree. I do remember in the mid to late 70s, my orthodontist did not wear gloves. Could not imagine that now. That was before HIV exploded onto the scene.
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    The Tuscaloosa Alabama story -- students having Covid-19 parties, with a known infected person, putting money into a pot and the first one to officially "get it" gets the money -- makes me believe that we are the dumbest country in history. Sorry, there's no other way to look at it.

    Went out to another outdoor concert last night, much better band this time. AZ rates are soaring. Only states worse are TX and CA, where my kids live! We went out again last night to eat and ate on a patio again.

    I've resigned myself that there is no "back to normal" unless they find a vaccine for this. Or it could mutate so much that it won't be nearly as deadly. But once school is back in session, in the Fall, which I think is a terrible idea BTW, 1.5M dead doesn't seem too outrageous now. Perhaps 2M. The numbers don't lie. 5% have been infected and 130K dead. Multiply X 13. That's the point at which they say we will have herd immunity.

    Our response as a country has been a pathetic combination of finger pointing, selfishness and incompetence.

    My sister lives in Houston, and I'm here in northeast TN, which is itchin' to catch up to TX. We have in this country a large population of entitled, uncaring, thoughtless, brats of widely varying ages. I have friends (30s & 40s), inlaws (60s), a 19-year-old sister-in-law, aunts and uncles (50s-70s) who are being so belligerent, selfish and ignorant. They are proof that unfortunately we can't just blame the lack of leadership of our government. Though they have certainly contributed greatly.

    Totally agree. We need a national mask law with steep penalties. And strict enforcement.

    With no or reduced funding for enforcement in the USA who's going to be the enforcement ?

    Enforcement doesn't have to take the form of immediate physical restraint , tasering, and/or arrest. It can be in the form of consequences, such as "no-shop" lists like the "no-fly" lists airlines are saying they'll use for customers who won't wear masks. "No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service."

    How do you keep and track a "no shop list" for a Wal-Mart Supercenter, large grocery store, etc? Does the greeter ask everyone for an ID when they come to the entrance then check it to a database?

    I don't know, but retailers like that seem convinced that putting people on a "no shop list" for suspected shoplifters work. I assume the list comes with photos lifted from the ubiquitous security cams. And I imagine the 7-11 clerk who was confronted by a ranting spitter won't forget her face any time soon.

    ETA: Plus, I imagine that after you've found that your time shopping was wasted because the store's computers have been programmed to reject payment from you when using a credit or debit card because you're on the list, you won't bother coming back.

    I worked at a big box store once. The security people would flip through those photos regularly and most of them were pretty good about recognizing someone whose face they had seen in their no-shop photos every day for months when they go through it.
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    We know in the USA Covid-19 seems to be in control and taking we humans for wild ride. News like this from Australia and other news from China, etc indicates there is currently no stopping of the virus in its tracks but is one the world may be living with for a while.
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    Yes, as was mentioned a page or so back, Victoria has seen a surge in new cases.

    Very unfortunate as other states in Australia are all but Covid free now.